Colors Mobile Price in Nepal
Colors Mobile Price in Nepal

Nepali market has lots of smartphones from multiple manufacturers. Almost everyone of them is foreign MNC. Colors is one of the company which sells mobiles in Nepal. Many people might not know but Colors is Nepali company. There are many featured phones and smartphones in the market and this is their latest price list.

According to Colors, their sales of featured phone is far better in rural areas. Featured phones sell better than smartphones in measure. Most smartphone consumers are in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Biratnagar and few metropolitan areas. They also sell phones in Indian market.

Most people still use simple and cheap phone for communication. Colors is offering cheap budget phones to average customers. They are doing it well and it seems they will continue to work for their target customers. Now, here is a lot of all the Colors mobile available in Nepal.

Colors Pearl Black K3 Rs 15,995
P70 Selfie U Rs 9,995
Colors Elite E20 Rs 11,995
Elite E10 Rs 10,495
Elite E15 Rs 10,495
P85+ Selfie Pro Rs 12,995
Colors S1 Rs 9,995
Pride P-85 Rs 9,995
Pride P 80 Rs 9,995
Colors P50 Touch Rs 9,495
Pride P55 Rs 7,595
Colors P65 Rs 7,995
Pride P45 Rs 6,995
Colors P50 Plus Rs 6,995
Colors Pride P50 Rs 6,695
Pride P32 Rs 5,495
P-5+ Champ Rs 3,895


Colors mobiles are all budget range phones. They are cheap to afford and good in quality also. Mainly there are two series named Elite and Pride. We have used many of their smartphones and we love the use of stock Android. The K3 is one of their best phone and it was the successor of K2. Pearl Black K2 was a huge success in the market and it helped the company leave a good stamp in the market. Their phones are well suited for starting users. They also made cheap Windows Phone few years ago.


Many of their old phones are no out of stock. They have also stopped production of few old phones. Market demand keeps on increasing so the companies also adapt with new one.If you have any experience to share or any update on price, do tell us.

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