Coolpad mobile price in Nepal
Coolpad mobile price in Nepal

Coolpad started its journey in Nepal in beginning of 2017. They have a very good reputation in Chinese and Global market. The official partner for Nepal is Jaima Intercontinental Pvt Ltd. Coolpad now has many smartphones in Nepali market. They are also number one 4G smartphone supplier in China and second in Europe.

There are lots of famous manufacturers in the market. They includes Chinese, Korean, Japanese, European and much more. It is very good to see the buffet of options available . Mainly consumers get a lot of choices and benefit from the competition. Each brand has their own specialty and attraction.

There are many brand conscious people but it is not the case for all. People now days look for best price, performance ratio. Companies are competing with best they can provide. This healthy competition is very beneficial for users. Coolpad is also one of the competitor in the Nepali market.

They have good phones in wide budget range. We have tested and experienced some of their phones. They have good specs, design and performance too. To help everyone, we have composed a price list of all their mobile in Nepal.

Cool Play 6 Rs 31,996
Cool 1 Dual Rs 30,996( 64 GB)
Coolpad Note 3S Rs 20,996
Mega 3 Rs 14,526
Mega 2.5D Rs 16,496
Coolpad NX1 Rs 10,226


The company launched their first batch of 4 phones at once. Pricing is one of the issue raised by many people. Most of the companies and distributor tell us tell us the same thing about TAX and Import duties. Nepal doesn’t manufacture these phones, almost every electronics is imported from India and other third countries. But JIPL has priced these phones very well.


Views and Suggestion

We reviewed Mega 2.5D after the launch and used Cool 1. Cool 1 is actually made from collaboration between Coolpad and LeEco. It is actually the best phone from them at this moment. Cool 1 features a dual camera with 4K recording capability.

In the subject of features and power, Cool 1 is best choice. For all other phones, the price is reasonable comparing other brands and their phones. So choose you phone by looking at all options. Don’t just fall for marketers word. See other phones, use them and always compare them online and choose wisely.

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