Latest computer price in Nepal
Latest computer price in Nepal

Laptops are for people who want right amount of power and portability. It is costly and not applicable all the time. Desktop computers are one of the most bought products in the Nepali market. Desktop computer can be arranged and placed in a table and used with ease for a very long time. There is no tension of battery and users can use big, multiple screens and peripherals. Learn the Latest Desktop Computer Price in Nepal with our list and study.

Most desktop PC computers bought and sold in Nepal are custom built instead of branded one piece product. People have power to choose the individual parts to fit the need and budget. It makes it easy to add humongous amount of power that can’t be achieved in a laptop of similar price tag. We collected these price by checking with vendors at New Road and Ocean Computers of Baghdurbar.

To help our readers buy and choose better we have brought the latest price of computers in Nepal. This includes all the basic desktop parts required. We have a range from the cheapest basic set to extreme gaming set. The list includes average cost of the products and you can multiply those to get the price according to your need. This can help you get easy quotation without going to the market.

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Biggest volume of people buy desktop for simple use, working and browsing the internet. We will start from the basic and cheapest desktop. All the below listed computers support all new version of windows. They are also capable of gaming to some extent. We tried to find Ryzen processor. It seems that they are not available anywhere. We asked Ocean computers and they said the demand is less than 1% and people often ask and buy Intel.

Core i7 plus GT 740
Core i7 plus GT 740

1) Basic Desktop for normal home users

These hardware are a must these days if you want you PC to live a few years in future version of windows. They are also capable of gaming to some extent.

Hardware Price in Nepali Rs
Intel Core 2 Duo GHz 900
Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz 2200
MSI G41 Mainboard 3700
2 GB DDR3 RAM 1500
Standard Casing 1400
19” Monitor 7500
500 GB Hard Disk (Western Digital) 3500
nVidia Geforce GT 210 1GB (optional for gaming) 2800
Logitech DVD-RW drive 1500
Total 20000


2) Moderate Desktop for medium users

This PC is for people who game, use multimedia, photo editing and some other mildly demanding processes.

Hardware Price in Nepali Rs
Intel Core i3 6th Gen (6100) 11000
MSI H110M/ MSI Z170 9000/11500
4 GB DDR4 RAM 3500
1 TB HDD (Samsung) 5500
Logitech Wireless mouse, keyboard 1900
Goldkist Casing 2500
nVidia Geforce GT 710 GPU 2 GB 6500
Total 39900


3) High End Gaming and multimedia set

This computer setup is very powerful with quad core processor and a good graphics card for gaming.

Hardware Price in Nepali Rs
Intel Core i5 7500 24000
8 GB RAM 7500
1 TB HDD 5500
Full HD 22” Acer LED 15000
Gefore GTX X 1050 2 GB 19500
550W PSU Casing 4000
MSI B150 Gaming M3 Motherboard 13500
Total 89000


4) Extreme hardcore gaming computer

Many people don’t buy these types of computers in Nepal but it is fun to know that we can buy them. We have seen office and IT organization buying these for intense server level work, computing, designing etc. These PC can be juicy for all types of work and multimedia task. Intel Core i7 7700 costs just Rs 40000 in the market.

Hardware Price in Rs
Intel Core i7 4th Gen (7700K) 44000
Cooler Master Hyper 103 5500
MSI Z270 Gaming M7 Motherboard 41000
32 GB DDR4 RAM 30000
Server size casing 8500
24” Full HD Monitor 22800
NvidIa Geforce GTX 1080 8 GB 125000
2 TB HDD 10000
256 GB SSD (SATA) 14000
Total 308000


5) Our PC setup : We want to show what we are using in our office since last 7 years. Our staffs maintain the computer very much. We clean the computer, upgrade it regular. Another upgrade is on the way to make it work for upcoming years. This is what we want others to get, a computer that works long time with some upgrade. Most hardware aren’t available now but they are powerful till now.

Current Hardware
Intel Core i5 760 2.8 GHz
MSI H55M-P33 Motherboard
550 Watts PSU
Nvidia Geforce GT 520 1 GB

Advice and recommendation

If you are using computer for first time and learning the go with the first PC. People with good experience should choose the second one. Third PC is for users who need gaming and and closed by budget. Final high end computer is for most demanding users. Above mentioned set for for different types of users. This is our recommendation for normal people who want little multimedia, gaming, good performance and future proofing.

If you need to use AutoCAD, any computer will do. Applications like AutoCAD and Maya actually requires nVidia Quadro GPU. Any ways you can enjoy smooth performance with these PC. The price of basic computer is around Rs 20000 and the price of Gaming set up is Rs 300000. You can add graphics card in computers if you need extra power for graphics, gaming and multimedia.

Updated on: 2017/07/05


  1. There is a typo in the article, ddr3 ram doesn’t cope with 6th generation intel cpu,it may damage your mother board or even your cpu.So it requires ddr4 RAM.
    Can you update the price for DDR4 RAM?I am seemingly intrested on getting one.

    • It is the updated average price. Thanks for pointing the typo. We know that DDR3 doesn’t work with 6th gen CPU. Our next update will happen in the upcoming season soon this year. We are waiting for the main distributors to provide us the price list.

  2. i5 7600k would cost around Rs 40000, GTX 1060 costs about Rs 49,500, RAM is about Rs 14000 and motherboard about Rs 25,500. No rate on Ryzen. This is average rate, it may be different from current market rate.

    • So, i7 7700K and i5 7600K have only 5K difference in price. That is ridiculous.
      Anyway thanks for your help!

    • I want a new cpu, my budget is arround 80K-90K which i will competely spend on CPU only as i already have monitors and other accesories. So i would be greatful if you could recommend me a CPU build arround 80K – 90K as i’m not sure about the prices in Nepal. Thank You!

    • I want a new PC, my budget is arround 80K-90K which i will competely spend on PC only as i already have monitors and other accesories. So i would be greatful if you could recommend me a PC build arround 80K – 90K as i’m not sure about the prices in Nepal. Thank You!

    • You need better processor, and sufficient RAM, Anyways you can run in a Pentium 4 and 2 GB RAM also. Get best hardware you can afford. These graphics card in market are not meant for Auto CAD or Solid Works. If you want faster system then you’ll have to get Nvidia Quadro graphics card.

  3. Thanks for providing the information about the prices. This was really helpful. However iam unable find products in the above stated prices. They are way high than the above stated prices. Iam planning to buy i3 6100 system. i3 6100 is priced at Rs13800 in local stores. Also the ram and mobo is very expensive. Can you please tell me where can i find the parts at above stated price. Thanks.

    • Yeah, good point, price variation is wide in Nepali stores. Thus, this is just average price. We found price difference around Rs 2000 in some products among various shops. We suggest to try different markets in Putalisadak and NewRoad.

  4. I need a programming pc for visual studio along with eclipse. what budget should I manage and what is the specifications?

    • This won’t take much power. We suppose to go with new Core i3 6th Gen processor, H110M Motherboard, 8 GB RAM, 2 GB GT 730 GPU, 550W PSU at around Rs 35000

    • Gaming CPU’s definition is vague. There are levels, any computer can game. The thing is what level of power you want. We have actually listed all level or types of CPU above. We suggest you to pick from above written lists. Just reduce money of monitor. Simply, moderately powerful gaming CPU can cost between 50K ko 80K

          • Oh man I was about to pay 9000 each for h110 motherboard and 8GB RAM.
            Thank you so much for the info bro. You saved me.

        • H110 gigabyte-6500
          I5 6th gen-22000
          8gb ram-6500
          System casing-2000
          Optical drive-1600
          Mouse pad-200
          Graphic card -2 gb graphic-5800
          Yo specification ko le ramro perform garxa ki nai plz reply hai…..

          • If your main focus is gaming then invest more on graphics card. I recommend to buy GTX 1050 at Rs 19000 or GTX 1050 Ti 28000 for better.

          • baru 500 gb ko hard drive ra i3 6th gen leyera graphic card chai aali ramro kinu hos ani medium-high setting ma 60 fps dinxa

  5. Just go to New Road or Putalisadak, 30k is very less for good video editing PC but for this time, we suggest Core i3 6th/5th gen with H110M board, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, 450W PSU and 17” LCD monitor

  6. Intel Core i7 5th Gen
    16 GB DDR4 RAM
    1 TB HDD
    Logitech Wireless mouse, keyboard
    nVidia Geforce GT 710 GPU 8 GB
    550W PSU Casing
    MSI B150 Gaming M3 Motherboard

    Kati parla

  7. Bro i want a cpu case, core 2 duo, Dvd drive and mother board my exact budget is 9k ….mother board should support gtx 750 further

    • You will need a better Core 2 Duo and better board with DDR3 support instead of DDR2 version board and 450W high quality PSU, so you’ll need to add some more money.

    • Best you can get is i5 7400, MSI B250 Gaming Pro Carbon, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, 128 GB SSD, GTX 1060, Casing with 650W PSU. For gaming, invest in GPU fore than CPU.

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