Latest Gionee smartphones price in Nepal
Latest Gionee smartphones price in Nepal

Gionee is one of the most popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Their mobiles are popular among many people. They are doing very good business in Nepal and India. Gionee’s biggest target is budget and mid-range segment market. They have quite a lot of phones in the market. So, we have made a list of all available latest Gionee mobiles price in Nepal.

We hope people will easily find the price and it will help them decide which phone to pick. Most people in Nepal are tied within a budget. Everyone tries to buy the best phone available within the given budget. Gionee smartphones are competing with companies like Huawei, Nokia, Samsung etc.

They have very popular smartphones in the market. One of the strong point is price and service centers. Their phones do not compete in the flagship game but they do well in other segments. The company is moving forward with each generation and new features. Their phones are getting new features and hardware as the competitors are also progressing.

There is huge demand of their smartphones in the market so we have made an updated price list of latest Gionee mobiles in Nepal.

Smartphone Models Price in Rs
Gionee E8 54,999
A1 Plus 44,999
Gionee A1 26,999
A1 Lite 20,570
S6 Pro 34,999
Gionee S6 29,999
Gionee M7 Power 29,999
Gionee S11 Lite 25,990
S6 S 23,999
P7 Max 18,999
M5 Lite 17,999
F103 Pro 16,999
M5 Mini 15,999
Gionee X1s 17,999
Gionee X1 13,999
Gionee P5W 2017 9,999
P5 Mini 7,999
Gionee P2S 5,999

Some phones are not in the list because they might be old and company has stopped manufacturing it. We also haven’t listed few phones because they were very low end. Gionee has regional service centers and smaller authorized service centers in selected location around Nepal.

Currently their new A1 Plus is the best phone in the market. It has dual camera, fingerprint scanner, bigger battery and big 6” camera. It is part of A1 series which includes three phones in total. A1 and A1 lite are other two phones of the series. We have complied list of their most expensive phone to most basic phone.


Some phones with less specs and cheaper price tag are not worth investing. We always recommend our readers to buy the hardware that gives optimum value. There is a certain threshold in each hardware market below where you don’t get value of what you paid for.

Suggestions and Impressions

We like Gionee phones because of their price vs feature ratio. The updates are also rolled out in reasonable time and service under warranty period is also reasonable. Gionee phones run on Android but they have their own UI overlay.

We still suggest manufacturers to put stock android or try near stock android for lag-free experience. We understand that some special features need special software overlay. This article is updated regularly so keep on checking.

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