Latest MSI AIO PC Price in Nepal: All in One PC for home and office

MSI AIO PC Price in Nepal

The race for making smaller, faster, and powerful computers is always on. All In One or AIO PC is the answer to this. MSI is known for its high-quality computer hardware, laptops, and other peripherals. Micro-Star International has All In One PC for that demand. Their AIO systems are also getting better and popular these days. We have seen many home users and offices using them. All In One PC are a good to answer to compactness and power. Here we have different models and the latest MSI AIO PC Price in Nepal. This information was provided to us by Ocean Computer Pvt. Ltd.

AIO PCs are getting cheaper and powerful these days. They take very little space, produce less heat and can be carried anywhere. Actually there are two types of AIO systems in use. One is a small box type AIO with no display but various I/O. It is like a mini CPU actually. The next system is a big monitor based computer with a good display panel and all-important hardware inside it. It is like MacPro which means everything is behind the display.

Small Box type CPU needs a separate monitor. This gives an option for users to choose a compatible model they like according to budget and need. The monitor-based All In One has set display so changing is very hard. These systems include all I/O ports, DVD Drive, power connector and other ports. Both models have different usage scenarios. This is why they exist. In many cases, AIO can be both a cheap solution or an expensive solution.

MSI AIO Price List

People can choose any type of system they need according to their budget. There are different types and options. Each system has its own pros and cons. MSI offers All in One PC ranging from budget to high range gaming sets. All the latest systems aren’t available in Nepal. But in our view, the cheapest PC can be a good desktop tower replacement. This is the list of latest MSI AIO price in Nepal.

MSI AIO Model NamePrice in Rs
Cubi N29,000 (Celeron Dual-core), 35000 (Pentium Dual-Core)
Pro 16B Flex56,600
MSI Pro 20 ET 4BW59,000
Pro 20T 6M70,000
MSI Pro 20ET  4BW72,000
MSI Trident 31,44,000

Currently, these are the only models available from MSI. The demand is high in offices these days. Normal home users usually don’t use AIO but this is changing slowly. They prefer custom built desktop for future upgrade options. These systems take less space and are compact. Therefore they are getting more attention. The cheaper models can be great for home, office, cashiers, and schools. There are some high-end models like Trident as well and those offer amazing performance for their size.

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MSI All In One Computers
MSI All In One Computers

All In One Systems Review

Let us have a look at the specifications of these computers to get a good idea of their power. We want to have an overview of the main specifications of the internal hardware. This can give a good idea to customers and the reader. When purchasing a PC, always think of the processor, graphics card and upgradability. The processor and graphics card are the most expensive parts so see its price value. If you can get a better new generation processor with small addition then go for it. That will be very good for the future.

Similarly, if you want to save some money, see reviews and choose a model with relatively good performance. Sometimes an older generation model with an old processor and GPU can be cheaper. But still, it could provide the power you may need. This is why we want to list these specifications so that you can see and choose better options.

MSI Cubi N (Dual Core)

This is a monitor-less CPU box of a compact size. It holds the 7th gen Celeron Dual-core processor or a Pentium Quad Core processor. There are two models with two different processors. Users can choose anyone they like. Both models come with 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk and a small 40W power supply (PSU). The graphics card is Intel HD Graphics which is very basic.

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There are some I/O ports on the device. We get 4 numbers of USB 3.1, one HDMI, one VGA, and one RJ45 port. There are two models and both can provide an output at 4K resolution. The video output is great because it is capable of 4K. This means we can use big and pixel-dense displays as well. It can be a good media player PC option for home users.

Pro 16B Flex

The MSI Pro 16B Flex is a screen-based PC. It has a 15.6-inch display with 1366×768 resolution. That is the standard size of a laptop screen. Inside the system, there is a 6th generation N3160 Intel Quad-Core Celeron processor. It works with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB Hard Disk. The hardware is very basic and it suited for normal office work, bank job, and cashier work. It is slim, light and it produces less noise. The heat dissipation is also quite good.

This Pro 16 Flex system has a monitor of a small size. So be careful while picking it up. The whole computer is behind the screen. Therefore changing is almost impossible. Make sure the screen size is enough before purchasing. If the price and form factor is right, then only purchase it. Else go for a cheap laptop because that can give good value.

MSI Pro 20ET

This PC is also a display-based system. It has a big 19.5” LCD Panel which is a very good side. This screen has a resolution of 1600×900 which is HD. It is a very good size and makes looking and working easier. The company has also implemented Anti-Flicker and Less Blue Light technology. These things help to aid a healthy viewing experience.


The MSI Pro 20ET has a quad-core Intel Celeron processor with 4 GB RAM. There is a DVD R/W drive, 500 GB internal HDD, and 65W PSU. There are many ports for I/O like 4 numbers of USB 2.0, 2 numbers of USB 3.1, HDMI, VGA, RJ 45, Card reader and Headphone/Mic. These are plentiful and cover everything normal people need. This is a good system for office use. A big screen is always good for work, productivity and entertainment. Let us make one thing clear. These displays are normal panels, so these can’t be used for graphics and color-critical work.

Pro 20T 6M

This PC has the same specs as the above mentioned Pro 20ET. Instead of the Intel Celeron processor, this system has a 2.9 GHz Pentium Core processor. The screen resolution, size, and features are all the same. Other internal specifications are also the same. The only difference is in the CPU. There are internal differences in power consumption, technology, and instruction sets. Mostly people prefer Pentium CPU instead of Celeron chips.

MSI Trident 3

This computer is in whole another level. It may be smaller in size but it is not your ordinary budget desktop computer. It is a small and nice-looking box with top-level powerful hardware. The MSI Trident 3 costs around $1300 in Nepal which is higher than the average MSI Lcooaptop as well. So customers do expect some extra from it.

The Trident 3 has 8th generation Intel Core i5 8400 full fledge desktop processor. It has 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, and 128 GB SSD. The RAM can also be expanded by opening the box. On top of it all, there is a GTX 1660 Ti 6 GB graphics card as well. This combination makes it a very capable system for work and gaming. The price is a bit higher than what would come if we buy separately and assemble. But this is the price company is asking for its engineering.


Wrap Up

There are lots of other All In One Computer in the market as well. Different models have different power and using the scenario. But the main benefit or point of using these computers is size and compactness. If you want a portable, reasonable and good looking computer for handling simple tasks we suggest you go with the above-mentioned computers. If you want total portability and power then you should probably choose powerful gaming laptops.

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PC like Trident 3 also provide very good power for almost all normal works including gaming. These can be great at home and office. Buy them only if you need to save space. Else make your own custom PC because it is cheaper and you can upgrade as well. We love power, customization, experimenting, and regular updates so we choose tower desktop PC. There are lots of options in the market to choose from. MSI is offering good deals in many items and these AIO are also very good. If they fit your budget and need then we give it a go.

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