MSI Gaming products price in Nepal
MSI Gaming products price in Nepal

There are many people in Nepal who want premium and good quality PC products. Moreover we call them gaming desktop accessories. Companies like MSI always have good hardware in Gaming series products. As the demand from gamers in Nepal is increasing, companies are doing best to provide them. MSI Nepal now also has many products to offer for those demographics. We have brought official price from Ocean Computer to help you get idea of market.

Ocean Computers is the official distributor of MSI in Nepal with many other products as well. Previously the focus was not much on such accessories. Now the scenario is changing. Many people are building PC and getting into hardcore gaming, editing and professional work. They demand better products for their setup  and it is good.

The company officially showcased their new range of products in CAN Infotech 2018. This includes Gaming Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse, Mousepad, Joystick and Headsets. Company is offering total package. Ocean Computers is providing full setup as reqired including PC hardware, GPU and everything.

Below is the official price list of Gaming accessories from MSI.


Accessories Price
MSI Optix AG32C 32″ 165Hz Monitor Rs 66,000
MSI Optix MAG24C 24″ 144Hz Rs 46,200
MSI Mouse Clutch GM10 Rs 1,540
Gaming Mouse DS100 Rs 2,200
Mouse DS200 Interceptor Rs 3,960
MSI Shield Mousepad Rs 1,100
Gaming Mouse Pad Rs 2,200
Gaming Keyobard DS4100+ Gaming Mouse Rs 6,050

There are many other products as well. Price of all things can’t be published due to some reasons. Still there are many products like MSI Vigor and Interceptor Keyboard. There are Mousepad, Joystick, Headsets and even bags. These are for brand and quality conscious people. Mouse with good sensitivity and DPI range are useful for designers and gamers.

MSI Monitors: MSI’s new Optix series monitors are high end display panels. These are high refresh rate monitors. Usually Nepali market has 60 Hz monitors but these are exceptionally high. These panels provide amazing viewing experience with high frame and refresh rate contents like games.

Users also need high end Graphics Cards to play games in such refresh rate with good resolution. MSI Optix AG32 is a 32” 1080p curved VA LED monitor with 110% sRGB. It has 165 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. AG32 actually has AMD Freesync support which means users will need AMD graphics card to use full refresh rate feature.31.5” is view-able region which means there is small bezel. Anti Flicker and less blue light production provides better results and experience to users as well.

MSI Optix MAG24C is a 24” curved VA LED screen. It has 1920×1080 resolution at 144 Hz refresh rate. Monitor feature Gaming OSD, Adaptive Sync and Red LED for design. Users will get smooth display with 1 ms response time with variable refresh rate technology. It has DVI, HDMI and Display Port in with Audio Jack out. Adaptive Sync requires AMD Graphics card in the computer system.

High refresh rate visuals are undoubtedly amazing. MSI monitors are bringing them to Nepali market at a moderate price. These are some very high quality monitors with better color accuracy and less latency. Usually designers, professional and gamers demand for these. Curved screen also makes setup look brilliant and also helps in multi monitor setup. MSI Nepal will be bringing more exciting products regularly and we will be updating them when they come.

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