MSI Motherboard price in Nepal
MSI Motherboard price in Nepal

MSI is known for its very high-quality computer hardware. They manufacture motherboards, graphics cards, AIO PC, Laptops and much more. They sell many series and ranges of motherboards for various generations and platforms of processors. Micro-Star International has motherboards for both Intel and AMD processors. Here we have collected the official list of the latest MSI motherboard price in Nepal. This includes all boards for entry-level consumers to high-end HEDT setup as well.

The list was provided by Ocean Computer Pvt. Ltd. which is the official distributor of MSI products in Nepal. Nepali market has a very wide range of demand. Most people buy a very simple dual-core processor computer while some buy a multi-core beast for intense work. Both Intel and AMD are available in the market. However, Intel is big and most prevalent.

There are mainboards from various companies in Nepal. They include Asus, ECS, Gigabyte, Asrock, etc. All of them provide boards but MSI is the most popular in the Nepali market. Just like all of them, Micro-Star International also has a huge range of products to offer. We notice that their grasp in the market is very strong. As there is a wide range of boards, we will list them according to their range, platform, and generation.

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Entry Level Motherboards

There may be many older boards in the market but we don’t have an official price for all of them. We have a list of newly launched and popular boards. Nevertheless, we are very amazed to see the market grasp of G41 and G31 mainboards. We couldn’t find older products for LGA1151 easily but G41 is available everywhere. Here in this list, we have motherboards of lower and basic range. These are the price of entry-level latest MSI motherboard in Nepal.

MSI G41M-P33Rs 5,000
H81M-E33Rs 8,020
H110M ProVDRs 8,500
H110 GamingRs 10,120
H310M Pro-VD PlusRs 10,650
H310 Pro-VDH PlusRs 11,000

These platforms are the most basic and it is the cheapest consumers can buy. The H110 chipsets support 6th and 7th generation processors such as Core i3 and Core i5. Similarly, the H310 supports 8th and 9th generation processors. In theory, these can handle Core i7 as well but it is not recommended. For high power demanding processors, it is better to have boards with better VRM, heatsinks, and capacitors.


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Mid Range mainboards

MSI has mid-range motherboards which include the latest B360, B250, B150, and H370 chipsets. These products have better features such as more SATA ports, USB header, fan header, RAM slots and more I/O options. Most people like to pair their Core i5 and some even pair their Core i7 with these mother boards. These are locked chipsets so overclocking is not possible. However, we take these are the best value products.

B85M-E45Rs 13,500
B250M Pro-VDRs 11,760
B250M MortarRs 13,200
B365M Pro-VDHRs 12,400
B360M Pro-VDRs 13,200
B360M BazookaRs 14,750
B360 Gaming PlusRs 18,150
H370 Gaming PlusRs 21,000

High End Unlocked Intel Motherboards

Intel only allows Z series chipset to overclock their unlocked K series processors. This means you need to pair both unlocked processor and expensive Z series motherboard to overclock your processor. Usually, people who have unlocked Core i9, Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3 use these boards. This below-given list is for older processors and platforms. The Z170 and Z270 are for 6th and 7th generation Intel processors. Both Z170 and Z270 have forward and backward compatibility.

Z97A Gaming 7Rs 24,600
Z170A Gaming M7Rs 33,550
Z270A PC MateRs 17,600
Z270A Gaming Pro CarbonRs 30,000
Z270A Gaming M3Rs 26,400
Z270A Gaming M5Rs 32,450
Z270A Gaming M6 ACRs 32,450
Z270A Gaming M7Rs 39,000
Z270A Mpower TitaniumRs 40,150

Then there are new Z370 and Z390 chipset which are for the unlocked 8th and 9th Generation Intel processors. This means both Coffeelake and Coffeelake refresh are supported by these new boards. We recommend using Core i9 with Z390 only but Core i7 K edition can be used in any of Z390 or Z370 boards.

Z370 Gaming PlusRs 20,000
Z370A PC ProRs 20,000
Z370A TomahawkRs 25,200
Z370A Krait GamingRs 27,600
Z370A Gaming Pro CarbonRs 31,800
Z370A Gaming M5Rs 35,075
MPG Z390 Gaming PlusRs 22,500
MAG Z390 TomahawkRs 27,500
MPG Z390 Gaming Edge ACRs 32,500
MPG Z390 Gaming Pro CarbonRs 34,400
MEG Z390 AceRs 53,150
MEG Z390 Ace Unboxing

Intel HEDT Platform Boards

In the HEDT or High End desktop lineup, Intel has Core X series for workstation processors. These have high core and thread counts so these are fantastic for multi-threaded applications. Also, they support quad-channel memory with up to 128 GB using 8 numbers of 16 GB DDR4 sticks.

These are very expensive and professional level motherboards for processors like Core i9 10980XE, 9980XE, Core i7 7800X, Core i5 7640X and many more. It is easy to identify them because boards have X at their name at first and processors have X at last. One of the best features or pros of these boards is the high number of PCI Express lanes. It is very useful for professionals who need a large number of peripherals.

X99 SLI PlusRs 37200
X299 RaiderRs 39000
X299 SLI PlusRs 47500

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AMD Motherboards

Nepali customers can find good AMD motherboards for cheap in the market these days. In comparison to Intel chipsets, AMD counterparts are very cheap. This is an international or USA case. But here also we do get good boards at a reasonable price. In order to simply explain we can say a few things about the naming scheme. A series is the most basic, B series is the mid-range and X series is the flagship.


760GM-P23Rs 6,780
FM2 A55M-E33Rs 7,140
A320M-A Pro MaxRs 10,250
A320M Pro M2 V2Rs 11,900
B450M Pro VDH MaxRs 15,650
X370 Gaming PlusRs 19,600
X470 Gaming PlusRs 23,150
X470 Gaming M7 ACRs 41,000
X570 Gaming PlusRs 33,150

All AMD Ryzen processors are unlocked and users can overclock them. Therefore we suggest you get a good board as possible. For example in entry-level, Ryzen 3 1200 with A320 board is great. But for processors like 1600X or 2700x the cheap B450 can be a good pair. Similarly, for processors like Ryzen 7 3700X, an X570 board is a good option.

Platforms and Chipsets

Choose your processor and board carefully because it will be very critical for the future. Think of what you need and what you might need in the future before making a purchase. If you are going with Core i3 then the H series board is very capable. If Core i5 is your choice then B series boards are the best best. Choose the Z series boards for all unlocked Core i7 and Core i5 processors. Also, get the Z series chipset if you are purchasing unlocked Core i3 or Core i5 such as 8350K or 8600K. We also have a video to help you guys on this matter.

PC Motherboards Purchase Guide in Nepali

If you want to plan for a longer run, you can opt for the Z series because it gives you a path to add unlocked powerful processor in the future. For example, if you are buying i5 8400 now and plan to upgrade to i9 9900K in the future then Z390 would be a good option instead of B360. Be careful while choosing the chipset because it is one of the most important bases. Some boards only support one graphics card or have just one PCIe X16 slot.

For more PCI lanes, Intel’s HEDT lineup like Core i9 9980XE and 10980XE provide better value compared to consumer-grade CPU. So if those are your needs, think about them as well. Think of what features you need and then only make a purchasing decision.


H Series vs B series Chipset differences

If we see the MSI motherboard price in Nepal, we find that some H lineup boards are close to the B lineup. For example, H370 Pro-VDH is close to B365M Pro-VDH. The small price delta can make a huge difference in features mainly. One of the main reasons to choose expensive boards is for features and I/O. In the case of H and B, we see that the low end or H310 and H110 boards have just two RAM slots while B360 models have 4 of them. Also, H310 doesn’t support NVME M.2 SSD. There are fewer ports for SATA and fan headers as well. The number of PCI-E 3 lanes also differs in some models.

B360 has 12 PCI-E 3.0 lanes while some H310 only has 6 PCI-E 2.0 lanes. The lower end also doesn’t have Optane memory support while the upper B lineup has it. The number of USB ports on the B line is also higher in comparison. For most people, it doesn’t matter much. It only matters for a few people who are very careful in terms of need, demand, and expansion.

Z series vs X series differences

These are very different chipsets and platforms. The Z lineup has Z370, Z390, Z270 and many other boards. These are consumer-level products for regular Core i9, Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3. The Z series motherboards provide a higher number of SATA and USB ports. They also have more PCI-E lanes and most importantly overclocking capability. Mostly gamers and professionals choose this to use unlocked overclockable processors.

X series is for HEDT platforms and they are workstation CPU. The boards such as X99, X299, etc have different configurations. They support higher memory, a high number of the graphics card and have large IO lanes. While Z series mainboards have 4 RAM slots, X299 can have up to 8 slost. These are not for regular home or office consumers. The CPU that sit on these boards have high core and thread count. Therefore, we see very good VRM, chipset cooling, and other features. This platform is for serious professionals, engineers, and special tasks.


Recommendation and Advice

Always update new firmware when it comes. Choose the board that fits the budget and will help you expand in the future. We always recommend choosing a motherboard with 4 RAM slots if you can. Mini ITX boards with just 2 slots are a bit of a barrier for memory in the future. These things run for a decade and requirements change over years so 4 slots are a good way to go.

If you are an enthusiast with a tight budget choose the Intel B series because they have great features and expansion options. Keep your system clean and cool with good ventilation and cooling. Make sure you have a high-quality power supply and everything is fitted correctly. We also have an article regarding basic computer repairing and troubleshooting. We’ll keep updating this list regularly, so keep updated with us. If you have anything to share, drop a comment below.



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