MSI Motherboard price in Nepal
MSI Motherboard price in Nepal

MSI is known for very high quality computer hardware. They manufacture motherboards, graphics card, AIO PC, Laptops and much more. There are many series and ranges of motherboards for various generation of processors. MSI has motherboards for both Intel and AMD processors. Here we have collected official list of latest MSI Motherboard price in Nepal.

The list was provided by Ocean Computers which is official distributor of MSI products in Nepal. Nepali market doesn’t have demand of AMD processors so there aren’t much boards or processors. On the other hand, Intel is king in computer hardware.

There are mainboard from various companies in Nepal. They include Asus, ECS, Intel, Asrock etc. All companies have their pros and cons. All of them provide boards according to price. Just like all of them, MSI also has huge range of products. We notice that their grasp in market is actually stronger.

There may be many older boards in the market but we don’t have official price for all of them. We have list of newly launched boards actually. Nevertheless, we are very amazed to see market grasp of G41 and G31 board. We couldn’t find relatively new H55, P55 and E55 board but older G41 is available everywhere. These are the price of latest MSI motherboard in Nepal.


Models Price
MSI G41M-P33 Rs 5,000
H110M ProVD Plus Rs 9,000
B250M ProVDH Rs 13,000
B250 Gaming Pro Carbon Rs 20,500
Z270 PC Mate Rs 19,000
Z370 A PC Pro Rs 20,800
Z97 Gaming M5 Rs 24,000
Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon Rs 30,000
Z370A Gaming Pro Carbon Rs 30,500
Z270 Gaming M3 Rs 27,700
Z270 Gaming M5 Rs 34,000
Z370A Gaming M5 Rs 35,000
Z270 Gaming M7 Rs 41,000


Almost all the boards listed above are LGA 1151 socket for 7th and 8th gen Intel processors. These motherboards support both 6th, 7th and 8th gen Intel processors. H series is the most basic one then we have B, Z then finally X series. The new Z370 starting board are a very good choice who want Intel 8700K or even i5 8600K.


If you are going to be satisfied with Core i3 then we suggest H series board. For medium series users who are going to install Core i5 or plan to upgrade from i3 to i5 or i7 should definitely go with B series board. Customers who are going to buy K or unlocked Intel processors should only but Z series motherboard.

Be careful while choosing the chipset because it is one of the most important base. Some boards have multiple or double PCI-E x16 but the cheaper boards don’t have SLI. Be careful on this matter, if you want SLI or Cross Fire, make sure the board is certified for SLI or CorssFire.

Always update new firmware when it comes. Choose the board that fits the budget and will help you expand in future. We always recommend to choose motherboard with 4 RAM slots. These things run for decade and requirements change over years so 4 slots is good way to go.

If you are enthusiast with tight budget choose B series because they have great features and expansion options. Nowadays, they also come with M.2 support. New UEFI Bios is also helping users have easier control these days. We’ll keep updating this list regularly, so keep updated with us. If you have anything to share, drop a comment below.

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