Nikon, Canon DSLR price in Nepal
Nikon, Canon DSLR price in Nepal

DSLR is seen as mark of a professional photographer. People know that they take really great photos. DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex is a type of camera with certain type of technology. They provide great choice, power, upgrade option and results. These days, the price of DSLR are inside budget of many people. They buy for profession, recreation, normal use and learning. Whatever the use is, we have made a simple list of average price of DSLR in Nepal.

Canon and Nikon are the most popular camera manufacturers in the whole world. Specailly they are very famous DSLR manufacturer. Sony also produces great DSLR, DSLM & point and shoot cameras. Samsung, Panasonic, Leica, Kodak, Fujifilm, Olympus, Pentax are some of the best camera makers.

Even though there are many manufacturers, these two have a very high reputation. Some prefer Canon while some prefer Nikon. We believe the choice should be made on quality and service of products. Actually both of these companies have robust technology and top edge products to offer in market. They are very big competitors in this sector.

We have listed the price of cameras in descending order and consolidated according to company. These prices are average price so they can vary with a reasonable deviation. So these are some price of Canon DSLR cameras available in Nepal.


Canon EOS 1300D Rs 45,000
Canon EOS700D Rs 55,000
Canon EOS750D Rs 75,000
Canon EOS 70D Rs 1,25,000
Canon EOS 80D Rs 1,50,000
Canon 5D Mark IV Rs 3,95,000


Below we have Nikon Camera price listed in table.

Nikon D3400 Rs 51,000
Nikon D5300 Rs 65,000
Nikon D5500 Rs 85,000
Nikon D7200 Rs 1,15,000
Nikon D750 Rs 1,85,000
Nikon D5 Rs 7,65,000


Readers and customers might find low to high difference in price sometimes. This is due to product type and inclusion or exclusion of accessories. Sometimes these price may include or exclude kit lens, memory card, bag and tripod. Price of grey market products, imported products can also differ hugely from white market product.

Many models are not readily available so customers might need to request for import via shopkeepers. They usually get the products at reasonable price. It is very good to see flourishing camera market. Point and shoot is dying due to rise of smartphones while DSLR is also rising. Please suggest us price change or update if you have any.

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