Nokia Mobile price in Nepal
Nokia Mobile price in Nepal

10Nokia is back in the smartphone business after its setback. In Nepal, Paramount Electronics is official distributor of Nokia Mobiles. Nokia brand is now controlled by Finnish company HMD Global. The brand has very a good reputation from old days. Before age of smartphone, Nokia ruled budget bar phone market. They were set back because they didn’t catch Android and smartphone train. Nokia has now risen again and this is the latest Nokia mobiles price in Nepal.

Nokia didn’t completely fall off the market. They stayed with Windows phone with Microsoft. Those phones are known as Lumia phone. Nokia Lumia series consisted of pretty powerful phones, especially in camera division. Windows phones also lagged behind due to smaller user base and limited app store.

As the saying goes, better late than never. Nokia is on-board the Android train. Actually people are very excited about these phone. The company debuted with their new Nokia 3310. 3310 was one of the most popular bar phones about a decade ago. Nokia 1100 still holds the record of most sold mobile phone. They are pretty strong company with loyal and remembering fans.

Well, they have a huge capacity to take over many companies with their fans. Only thing is they need to push harder. Nokia mobile phones are now available in Nepali market very easily. These are some official price of latest Nokia mobile phones available in Nepal.


Nokia 105 SS Rs 1,700
Nokia 105 DS Rs 1,790
Nokia 130 Rs 2,500
Nokia 150 Rs 3,275
Nokia 216 Rs 3,925
Nokia 3310 (2017) Rs 5,255
Nokai 230 Rs 6,315
Nokia 1 Rs 9,325
Nokia 2 Rs 11,499
Nokia 3 Rs 13,999
Nokia 5 Rs 18,499
Nokia 6 Rs 22,999
Nokia 6 (2018) Rs 29,399 (3 GB), Rs 34,499 (4 GB)
Nokia 7 Plus Rs 46,899
Nokia 8 Rs 62,999


These are some of the officially available phones in the market. Actually there are Lumia phones also but the demand is very low. This is due to the openness, bigger user-base and big app store of Android. More phones are coming from now on. People seem happy with the arrival of the new phones.

Impression and Recommendations

New reborn 3310 is great refresh of the old antique. It is a very good bar phone choice altogether. For Android smartphones, the competition is actually really tough. Chinese companies are offering very powerful phones at competitive price. Nokia Nepal’s pricing is reasonable comparing price with other countries.

In our experience, people are excited to see what new phones will hold. The Nokia 3, 5 and 6 are moderate phones with average specs according to their price. Considering the company and quality people prefer these phones instead of new Chinese brands. But the work is not enough, because users are not satisfied with specs in these phones.

People have very high expectation in specs as they have in build quality. Nokia really has its reputation due to its durability and build quality. We believe they will continue to keep this trust and bring better phones each year. What do you think? Share with us.

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