Latest LG TV Price in Nepal
Latest LG TV Price in Nepal

LG Electronics is a South Korean company with multitude of product divisions. They have huge consumer electronics product ecosystem, appliances, smartphone and TV range. LG is one of the most trusted brand in electronics all over the world. CG Group in Nepal sells LG products in Nepal. Many people buy their products and this is the latest official LG TV (Television) price in Nepal. They have many LED, OLED, 4K UHD sets in the market.

LG offers a very wide range of products in Nepal. They range from generally to affordable to ultra luxurious in terms of price. OLED panels, 4K HDR, Smart LED are some expamples. CG Digital sell these TV online as well and they offer good discount while purchasing through site.

Still many people prefer to go to showroom and experience the product before purchasing. As people are consuming more and more HD media through internet and digital TV signals, high resolution screens are making more sense. Televisions are getting cheaper as well and a Full HD screen TV is now very affordable. People have lots of option due to many companies in the market. But people prefer a good brand for better picture quality and features.

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We have made a list to make it easy for the Nepali customers. These are the price of LG TV in Nepal.

86SJ957T Rs 18,79,990
65C7T Rs 8,76,690
55B6T Rs 6,47,990
55C7T Rs 6,47,990
65SJ850T Rs 4,59,990
55SJ850T Rs 3,27,990
55UJ652T Rs 2,25,990
49UJ652T Rs 1,63,990
55LJ550T Rs 1,58,990
55LH545T Rs 1,34,990
49LJ617T Rs 1,29,990
43UJ652T Rs 1,27,990
49LH541T Rs 1,09,990
43LJ617T Rs 92,990
43LJ525T Rs 76,990
43LJ523T Rs 74,990
32LJ610D Rs 62,990
32LJ525D Rs 53,290
32LJ523D Rs 51,590
32LJ514D Rs 39,990
24LH454A Rs 26,990



We can see that LG has TV sets anywhere from very affordable medium screen to super expensive large Ultra HD panels. Among other competitors LG seems to have very big range of offerings and they fit in a huge price range. Their flagship offering is one of the most expensive in the market. The 86″ 86SJ957T is an OLED 4K TV with fantastic picture quality and features.

The top end is Super UHD series, then comes OLED range and then normal UHD range. Smart TV abd LED range is the most common range of products in Nepal. Their Smart TV has WebOS and they also claim top quality picture quality and sound in their products. OLED is taken as the best quality panel due to deep black and vibrant color. If you are in market for best then definitely choose the one with HDR.

People can easily make a purchase in CG or LG showrooms around Nepal. LG Lifestyle Shops are in Jawlakhel, Kantipath, Chabahil, Sitapaila while the Mega Store is in Minbhawan. CG Digital showrooms are in Ravibhawan, Tangal, Kumaripati, Hattigauda and Nayabazar. If you have any experience to share about LG products, do tell us.

Updated on: 2018/06/20



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