Latest Samsung Monitors Price in Nepal
Latest Samsung Monitors Price in Nepal

Samsung is a global leader in display industry as well as mobile. They have great technology such as Super AMOLED and QLED (Quantum Dot LED). The company is one of the biggest TV seller in the world. Now as the computer and gaming industry is growing, Samsung is taking lead in this sector as well. Samsung LCD and LED monitors are very famous in Nepali computer market. Most people by normal 19″ and small monitors but the company now has offering of hind end models as well.

The 19″ normal Samsung LED Monitor is one of the most popular product in desktop computer market of Nepal. These models cost almost same as monitors from other companies as well. Due to the reputation of the company, many people prefer Samsung monitors. Now there are many high end models available as well. Pine Overseas at New Road Complex, 7th Floor is the official distributor for Samsung monitors. Customers can easily buy them in the market as well.

Samsung Nepal is now offering various range of desktop monitors. They have top of the line QLED display panels, Curved, Flat screen and High refresh rate monitors as well. So they have display to cater wide range of customers. We are going to list these according to price and explain about them below. These are the latest official price of Samsung Gaming Monitors in Nepal.

19″ LED Flat Monitor Rs 8,500
22″ LED Flat Monitor Rs 13,500
24″ LED Curved Monitor LC24F390 Rs 19,500
27″ Curved Monitor LC27F390 Rs 26,000
24″ Curved Gaming LED LC24FG73 Rs 45,000
27″ Gaming LED LC27FG73  Rs 57,000

The  19″ Flat LED monitor is HD monitor with resolution at 1366×768. Almost all the monitors of that size have this same screen resolution. They usually have VGA input option and some also have DVI. For Full HD, users will need to buy a bit bigger monitor. Usually above 21″ users get 1920×1080 resolution with HDMI support.


Then there is the normal flat screen 22″ LED Monitor which as 1920×1080 screen resolution and HDMI. Samsung monitors have pretty good finishing and design but some models have input set horizontally at back instead of vertical bottom input. This can cause issue when mounting them on the wall. Price of 22″ monitor is in the range because other companies also sell at that same price.

Gaming, Curved and QLED Monitors

These are better products in terms of build, design and display technology. Samsung QLED produces far more better color than normal LED. They have high refresh rate such as 144 Hz which is great for gaming. Then the curved plus wide monitors provide more immersive experience for content consumers and gamers.

Samsung Nepal is selling 24″ Curved monitor just at a a very reasonable price. The company is selling a curved monitor at the price of normal flat one. The we have 24″ Gaming Curved monitor which is more than double the price of normal panel of same size. It is due to the QLED technology, HDR support and 1 ms response time. LC24FG73 has 1920×1080 resolution at 144 Hz with AMD FreeSync. So, gamers can enjoy immersive gaming at high FPS smoothly. Pushing higher FPS does need powerful graphics card and AMD products are perfect match for these monitors.

They are also selling a bigger 27″ QLED Gaming curved monitor with FHD resolution at 144 Hz and Free Sync. This is for the players who want a bigger display to play. Samsung has some great display and at very reasonable price. Our favorite is the 24″ Curved LED monitor which fall under Rs 20000 price tag. For every other normal users we suggest to have a Full HD display to enjoy their desktop and bigger work-space.

Updated on: 2018/08/01

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