Latest Sony TV Price in Nepal
Latest Sony TV Price in Nepal

Nepal Hima is the official distributor of Sony products in Nepal. They have smartphones, camera, speakers, consumer electronics and Televisions. Sony is very popular for their TV and camera as well. Bravia is their most popular product range in the market and their Triluminos Display is a industry leading technology. The demand of their televisions are very good so to help Nepali customers we have made a list of latest official Sony TV Price in Nepal.

Sony has many range of TV lineup according to technology, features and design. This includes OLED panels, LCD, LED and Plasma technology. They have A-Series which uses OLED panel products. Then there is 4K Android series with UHD resolution, HDR and Android OS. S-Series features curved 4K HDR TV Panels. Sony also has a huge range of 4K screen with normal Smart TV features.

There are many FHD TV with HDR and Internet related features and apps then there is Xtra Protection range. The Xtra series models have good protection against dust, humidity and lightning surges. So there are lots of choices to choose from. They have new technology, good color production and quality. Sony has a very good reputation in worldwide market and in Nepal as well.

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Here are price of some officially available Sony TV in Nepal.

65 A1 Rs 10,75,000
55 A1 Rs 7,65,000
65X93E Rs 4,79,200
65X85E Rs 4,63,200
55X90E Rs 2,64,000
55X80E Rs 1,72,000
49X75E Rs 1,39,200
43X75E Rs 1,04,000
S-85D Rs 4,35,000
65X70E Rs 4,60,000
55X70E Rs 1,72,000
49X70E Rs 1,20,000
43X70E Rs 96,000
50W66F Rs 1,08,000
43W66F Rs 71,200
49W66E Rs 1,05,000
48W65E Rs 86,250
43W75E Rs 76,000
40W65E Rs 63,200
32W60D Rs 46,400
40R352E Rs 54,400
32R30E Rs 37,200

Sony has a huge range of Television products in the market. They offer affordable LED to luxurious and huge OLED displays as well. These options can fit for any budget and taste of customer. The company has a good record on color reproduction. 4K X-Reality Pro and 4K Processor X1 provides outstanding ultra HD experience to the viewers.


They also have a range of other items like speakers and sound bars to facilitate your luxurious home entertainment setup. Sony Nepal has showroom in Kantipath (Jyoti Bhawan), Jawlakhel and Labim Mall. They have experience room where users can check and test the TV in comfortable condition before purchasing. Nepa Hima also officially selld headphones, PlayStation and many other gadgets.


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