Sony TV Price in Nepal 2020: Bravia, 4K, UHD, OLED, Smart TVs

Latest Sony TV Price in Nepal

The world of digital entertainment and Television has changed a lot. We now have access to high definition, slim, and technically advanced TV sets. Everything has changed from size, price, quality, and features. In the Nepali market, there are televisions from various companies. Sony is also one of the famous companies with its products in the market. They have smartphones, cameras, speakers, consumer electronics, and many other electronic devices. Sony is very popular for its camera, sensors, TV, and sound systems. Globally The demand for their televisions is very good. To help Nepali customers, we have made a list of the Sony TV price in Nepal with details.

Nepal Hima is the official distributor of Sony products in Nepal. They deal in consumer electronics, cameras, accessories, soundbars, speakers, TV, and much more. Sony has a wide range of TV models according to technology, features, and design. This includes OLED panels, LCD, LED, and Plasma technology. They have A-Series which uses OLED panel products. Then there is the 4K Android series with UHD resolution, HDR, and Android OS. There is S-Series that feature curved 4K HDR TV Panels. Sony also has a huge range of 4K screens with normal Smart TV features.

There are many FHD TV with HDR and Internet-related features and apps. Then there is the Xtra Protection range. The Xtra series models have good protection against dust, humidity, and lightning surges. So there are lots of choices to choose from. Sony Bravia TV is their most popular product range in the market. Their Triluminos Display is an industry-leading technology. Sony TVs are widely known for their color, picture quality, and features. This is why Nepali people also prefer them. So now, let us see the list with details.

Sony TV Price in Nepal: MRP List

Sony Bravia ModelMaximum Retail PriceDashain Offer Price
55A1 (55″)Rs 7,65,000Rs 5,73,750
55A8F (55″)Rs 6,10,000Rs 4,57,500
65X8000H (65″)Rs 3,65,000Rs 2,92,000
65X7500H (65″)Rs 2,60,000Rs 2,08,000
55X8000G (55″)Rs 1,80,000Rs 1,44,000
55X7000G (55″)Rs 1,60,000Rs 1,28,000
49X7500 E/F (49″)Rs 1,40,000Rs 1,12,000
49X7000 E/F (49″)Rs 1,30,000Rs 1,04,000
43X7500 E/F (43″)Rs 1,20,000Rs 96,000
43X7000G (43″)Rs 1,10,000Rs 88,000
50W660G (50″)Rs 1,15,000Rs 92,000
43W8000F (43″)Rs 96,500Rs 72,375
43W660G (43″)Rs 86,500Rs 64,875
40W652E (40″)Rs 64,000Rs 51,200
40W652D (40″)Rs 60,000Rs 51,200
40R352E (40″)Rs 55,000Rs 41,250
32R352E (32″)Rs 42,000Rs 33,600

Sony Bravia OLED TVs

This is one of the top-level panels available in the Nepali market. Sony Bravia OLED TV from A series are very famous. OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes. This type of panel is very good at producing deeper blacks and vibrant colors. The picture quality in OLEDs are fantastic to look at. The picture and color quality is very amazing. This is why many people prefer this screen. Sony A series has many 4K HDR TVs with HDR10 support. They have various features like the X1 Extreme processor, HDR Gaming, and Smart TV features. Users can enjoy WiFi and services like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Videos, and Chromecast.

In order to enjoy HDR, you need such content. These days we can get 4K HDR content on various websites like YouTube and other OTT service providers like Netflix. Videos shot in High Dynamic Range have a wider range of colors and better details with a higher level of brightness.

55A155″4K (3840×2160)HDR, Acoustic Surface Audio, Android TV, Triluminos Display, Dolby Vision
55A8F55″4K (3840×2160)HDR, Acoustic Surface Audio, Android TV, Triluminos Display, Dolby Vision
55A8G55″4K (3840×2160)HDR, Acoustic Surface Audio, Android TV, Triluminos Display, Dolby Vision

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Sony Bravia 4K HDR Android LED TV

In the world of smart devices, people want many software features. Therefore Sony has a line of Bravia Android LED TVs. They have a wide range of big 4K HDR compatible panels in the market. These Ultra High definition TVs produce crisp images with Triluminous display. And with the help of Sony X1 HDR processor and X-Reality Pro, users can enjoy vivid colors, higher contrast, deep blacks, details, and top-level brightness. Motionflow XR features in these television sets help to reduce motion blur. Features like Dolby Atmos provides clear and multidimensional sound.

For OS, there is Android, and it comes with many features like Chromecast, Google Assistant, Voice Search, and Bluetooth. Users can also access OTT service providers like Google Movies, Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Videos. You can also connect Apple AirPlay, Alexa, and Google Home to get an integrated system in your home. Some of these Bravia models also have HDR Gaming, which means you can connect your PlayStation and enjoy the high dynamic range gameplay.

65X8000H65″UHD (3840×2160)X-Balanced Speaker, Dolby Atmos, X-Reality Pro, Chromecast
65X7500H65″UHD (3840×2160)Bass Reflex speakers, Dolby Atmos, X-Reality Pro, HDR Gaming
55X8000G55″UHD (3840×2160) X-Reality Pro, Clear Audio+, Sony X1 Ultimate, Triluminos Display
49X7500 E/F49″UHD (3840×2160)Motionflow XR, HDR Gaming, X-Protection Pro, Bass Reflex Speaker
49X7000 E/F49″UHD (3840×2160)DSEE, Clear Audio+, X-Reality Pro, Smartphone Plug & Play, HDR Gaming
43X7000G43″UHD (3840×2160)Cinematic S-Force Front Surround, ClearAudio+, Clear Phase, DSEE

Sony 4K HDR Smart LED TV

These are the Ultra HD LED televisions with HDR. This range of Sony Bravia TVs have 4K resolution and smart features. However, these do not have Android OS. There is support to YouTube, WiFi, and smartphone connection. The TV sets have features like Triluminous Display, Clear Audio+, Clear Phase technology, Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) technology, Motionflow XR, and Cinematic S-Force Front Surround technology. These are very advanced and they help to improve picture quality, sound, remove blur, add sharpness, balance frequencies, and restore lost frequency components. The removes of this series also come with a dedicated button for YouTube and Netflix. This is good for people who enjoy online content.

55X7000G55″3840×2160X-Reality Pro, Triluminos Display, ClearAudio+, DSEE, Clear Phase
49X7000G49″3840×2160Cinematic S-Force Front Surround, Motionflow XR, Dynamic Contrast Enhancer
43X7000G43″3840×2160X-Reality Pro, Bass Reflex speakers, Motionflow XR, DSEE

Sony Bravia Full HD LED TV

These are Full HD Smart LED TV from the company. These have features like Smart Plug and Play, One-click YouTube Access, Clear Audio+, and X-Protection Pro. Some models also have HDR for better visuals and experience. 1920X1080 resolution is very popular, and it is good for TVs up to 42″. In the current time, bigger panels look better with 4K resolution. It is better to invest in the new technology and higher pixel-dense panel at this time.

50W660G50″FHD (1920×1080)HDR10, Live Colour Technology, Motionflow XR 200 Hz, ClearAudio+
48W652D48″FHD (1920×1080)X-Reality Pro, Dolby Digital, Dynamic Contrast Enhancer
43W660G43″FHD (1920×1080)HDR10, Live Colour Technology, Motionflow XR 200 Hz, ClearAudio+
40W652E40″FHD (1920×1080)X-Reality Pro, Dolby Digital, Dynamic Contrast Enhancer

Sony LED TV Normal

This is the range of Bravia model with normal technology. These are not Smart, but there are lots of features useful for viewers. In this range, we get TVs with FHD and HD resolution. 1080p is good for 40″ panels for normal viewers but nor for bigger ones. In 32″ realm there are some Sony panels that come with 1366×768 resolution. This is just HD, but it is better to buy a full HD panel instead of this. FHD resolution is very good for watching movies and playing games.

40R352E40″1920×1080X-Protection Pro, Dolby Digital, Clear Resolution Enhancer, Clear Phase Technology
32R302E32″1366X768Clear Resolution Enhancer, Dolby Digital, Motionflow XR 200 Hz
Sony Bravia TV Models in Jamal Showroom
Sony Bravia TV Models in Jamal Showroom


These are the Sony TV price in Nepal. We can see that the company has a huge range of television products in the market. They offer affordable HD LEDs to luxurious and huge OLED panels. These options can fit any budget and taste of customers. The company has a good record of color reproduction and picture quality. This is why people prefer Sony screens. In these above-listed models, we can find different technology that enhances the viewing experience and sound quality. There are a lot of technologies, and they are all meant to make our experience better.

Sony also has a range of other items like speakers and soundbars to facilitate your luxurious home entertainment setup. Nepal Hima has showrooms in different parts of Kathmandu valley. They also have many retail partners and shops in the network. People can go to the shops and experience the products before purchasing them as well. In the case of TV, we think that you should look at the panel before making a purchase. In the case of after-sale service, Sony provides 2 years full warranty and a 1-year service warranty on televisions. You can contact them in the below-given details for purchase and information.

  • Nepa Hima Trade Link Pvt. Ltd., Bakhundol, Lalitpur
  • Sony Center
    • Kantipath: 4250305, 9801034893
    • Jawalakhel: 5526300, 9801035238
    • Labim Mall: 5535164, 9801035237

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