Latest Vivo mobiles price in Nepal
Latest Vivo mobiles price in Nepal

Vivo is the new member in Nepali smartphone market. They finally came after OnePlus and Oppo. BBK Electronics is the parent company of OnePlus, Vivo and Oppo. Within 8 years of inception, they stepped in Nepali market. There are lots of Chinese phone manufacturers in Nepal. Vivo is also a leading company among all of them. This is a price list of all latest Vivo mobiles price in Nepal.

We made this list to help everyone looking for their mobile. It is meant to give people idea of the market condition. Vivo produces high tech smartphones with new technology. They mainly focus on selfie, camera and music. The reputation also comes from their phone with first 2k display in mobile history.

Everest Manakamna of Apex Group and Triveni Group are the official distributors of Nepal. Everest group looks after eastern Nepal and Kathmandu. Triveni group looks after western Nepal. Usually almost all mobile companies have single distributor. Comapny is starting with some of their newest phones of the year.

Currently these are the official price of Vivo smartphones in Nepal


Vivo Y53 Rs 15,590
Vivo Y65 Rs 20,990
Vivo V7 Rs 29,999


Vivo’s niche target audience is new gen youth. People who take lots of photos and selfie for social media. They are main customers of Oppo as well. These phones are chosen by people who want content consumption device, good music player and good camera.

The mid range phones from Vivo are a good power house as well. They will provide good productivity and multitasking experience. With higher RAM density, storage and high core count processor, performance is also great.


The company has phones starting from budget category. Mostly their phones are on mid range segments. Just like other phones with selfie and front camera focus, they also have phones with higher pixel count at front. This gives great result to people who use front camera a lot. We also love implementation of new 18:9 tall aspect ratio for better look.

The battery life and build quality of phones are generally good. Still for people who want better professional mobile camera and cinematic performance, Vivo will have to change the game. They have good phones but now we expect wider aperture and 4K 60 fps with pro mode. This will make for ultimate camera phones in near future.

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