Updated latest OnePlus mobiles price in Nepal
Updated latest OnePlus mobiles price in Nepal

OnePlus officially came to Nepal on 2016. Since then they have launched many products. iHub Nepal is the official distributor of OnePlus in Nepal. They have many products including mobiles, covers and accessories. OP smartphones are getting very popular in Nepal so we have made a list of all the latest OnePlus mobiles price in Nepal.

These days many stores are selling OP products. People are becoming more aware of this brand. They do have great smartphones at reasonable price. OnePlus 1 was milestone in mobile industry. It really shook the market and demonstrated power in budget range.

BBK Electronics is pushing great products and features each year. They are always giving top features found in flagship phones. The quality, power, experience are brilliant. There aren’t many official retailers in Nepal. It is because OnePlus has a very targeted customer demographics. Only people who know about tech and new trend in mobiles buy these phones.

Currently these are the price off latest OnePlus mobile in Nepal.


OnePlus 3 Rs 39,900
OnePlus 3T Rs 43,900 (Soft Gold), Rs 49,000 (Gun Metal)
OnePlus 5 Rs 51,400 (64 GB), Rs 58,500 (128 GB)
OnePlus 5T Rs 64,900 (64 GB) , Rs 72,900 (128 GB)
OnePlus 6 Rs 71,000 (64 GB), Rs 91,000 (256 GB)


The best phone they currently sell in the market is OnePlus 6 128 GB Variant. There are many options of this phone which is mainly color and texture. Then there is last years’s OnePlus 5T and OP 5. There are OP 37 and 3 as well nut other older models are now not available anymore.

Bloatware free, near stock Android software is one of the major attraction of these phones. Many people including us like stock android experience. Their Oxygen OS is very popular among Android uses. Oliz store sells these phones online with other accessories too.


Starting with quality, we always appreciate their dedication to quality. They always tend to have the latest features too. Metallic body, Gorilla Glass protection, USB Type-C or new dual camera setup, OnePlus always gives the latest. They started used USB Type-C when it just started in the mobile phone industry.

The company has always been making good camera. They follow the new tech-trend and provide it to users. Battery life is good on all phones, most of the above mentioned phones have fast charging and lot more. They also use AMOLED screen which is great to look and use with vivid colors and deep blacks.

In our experience, OnePlus phones are amazing if you want best hardware, software, camera combo in budget. They will be cheaper than other companies but there are very less retailers, users and service centers. So bear in mind these things before purchasing.

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