Latest Price of Huawei mobiles in Nepal
Latest Price of Huawei mobiles in Nepal

Huawei holds a huge market share of smartphone after Samsung in Nepal and the global market. The company is bringing a lot of great mobiles with adequate specs in reasonable price. Many smartphone lovers buy Huawei due to cheaper price and better value.  This is the latest price list of Huawei Mobiles in Nepal.

Many people are shifting to brands like Huawei, Gionee, One Plus to experience diversity and save money as well. This is the list with latest price of Huawei mobiles in Nepal. We have tried to include all the latest pricing as much as possible. The price indicated are MRP so the price may vary according to merchants, margin amount and bargain.

Mate and P series of the company is known to be flagship series. The Honor and GR series are special mid range series phones. Finally Y series models are budget level phones. Huawei covers a big market share in Nepal and whole world. They also partner with carriers like Ncell to bundle their phones in package.

Lets start from the best and top handset available in market. The list is of available Huawei phones in Nepal in descending order of price is as follows.


Huawei Mate 10 Pro Rs 1,03,900
Huawei P20 Pro Rs 99,900
Huawei P20 Rs 74,900
P10 Plus Rs 79,000
Huawei Mate 8 Rs 68,900
Nova 3 Rs 59,900
Huawei P9 Rs 58,900
Nova 3i Rs 38,900
P9 Lite Rs 28,000
P8 Lite Rs 26,999
Huawei G7 Plus Rs 47,000
Huawei Nova 3e Rs 38,500
Nova 2i Rs 32,990
GR5 2017 (Honor 6x) Rs 34,000
Huawei Y9 2018 Rs 25,900
Huawei GR5 2016 (Honor 5x) Rs 24,000
GR5 Mini Rs 21,000
Huawei Y7 Pro 2018 Rs 22,500
Huawei GR3 Rs 19,000
Y7 Prime Rs 24,900
Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 Rs 17,900
Y6 II Rs 17,000
Y6 Pro Rs 16,000
G Play Mini Rs 16,500
Huawei Y7 Rs 15,900
Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 Rs 14,900
Y5 2017 Rs 12,900 (3G), Rs 15,500 (4G)
Huawei Y3(2018) Rs 11,400
Y3 (2017) Rs 10,900


Huawei is a very good company in technology field. The company has cutting edge technology and invest a lot in Research and Development. They are now among best manufacturers of smartphone. Their pioneering technology is not just limited to mobiles. They make telecom equipment, hardware and much more. The customer service is one of the strong part of the company. There are good customer support centers in Nepal and other place of world too.

Honor series and Mate series from the company are very famous lineup. They offer very interesting hardware and value for price. Huawei is a leading smartphone company that challenges other large manufacturers. Mostly we can see that they have Y series for starting and entry.

GR5 series is obviously same Honor phones given different name. Mate and P series mobiles are top high end offerings from company. They are usually affordable than flagship of other companies and still provide great value.

Wrap Up

Huawei has a lot of great option for everybody. They are one of the biggest market holders. They sell smartphones, networking equipment to telecoms and routers etc. You can choose their products without any hesitation. Among many of the Chinese smartphone companies, we highly trust Huawei. This is due to their R&D and focus on innovation.

For starters and smartphone learners, it is best to start with a cheaper handset. Learn your ways, choice, flavors and get a definite need. Choose a mid range phone in budget if you know what you need. Definitely buy a flagship hind end mobile to satisfy your need in your budget.

Updated: 2018/07/02


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