Budget Samsung mobiles price in Nepal
Budget Samsung mobiles price in Nepal

Samsung has smartphones in all levels of budget. They have various offerings for different people and price segment. Their least expensive offerings start from entry level at under Rs 10k and expands to around Rs 25k. Then after wards it reaches mid range segment. Many people need budget phones for just calls, simple task and some pick them as starting device. So we have listed some latest budget range Samsung mobiles available in Nepal with their price.If we see the purchase data, we see incline in purchase volume and price. People are buying more expensive phones these days. Still the companies are making great innovation in the entry level phones. Samsung says that as purchase power is increasing, the budget range will try to keep in same pace. This Korean company has been serving budget smartphones since a long times.

They have improved their lineup with each iteration. Samsung J series is a very popular phone of this price range. They have anywhere from J1 to J7 which consists lots of devices which gets revised almost each year. Our list is to help you have idea of the market offering from Samsung. We suggest you to read our review and impression to have better idea on these phones. These are price of budget range Samsung mobiles in Nepal.

Galaxy J8 Rs 33,490
Galaxy J7 Pro Rs 30,900
Galaxy J7 Duos Rs 28,990
J7 Max Rs 26,290
Galaxy J7 Prime 2 Rs 28,990
Galaxy J6+ Rs 26,990 (3 GB), Rs 31,790 (4 GB)
Galaxy J6
Rs 29,090 (64 GB), Rs 24,790 (32 GB)
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (2016) Rs 23,990
Galaxy J4+ Rs 23,490
Galaxy J5 Prime (2016) Rs 22,490
Galaxy J7 Neo Rs 20,990 (32 GB)
Galaxy J4 Rs 17,290 (16 GB), Rs 19,990 (32 GB)
Galaxy On Nxt Rs 23,990
On 7 Pro Rs 15,790
Galaxy J2 2018 Rs 14,590
J2 Pro Rs 14,290
J2 Ace Rs 13,190
Galaxy J2 Core (Android One) Rs 11,690
Galaxy J2 4G (Refresh) Rs 11,490
J1 (2016) Rs 11,390
Galaxy J2 (2015) Rs 10,990


The J series started as a entry level smartphone for the mass. But now its best phone is at mid range market. We have only kept the expensive phone here because we currently categorize the J series in budget segment. Well there are many smartphone available from a reasonably low price point also.


Samsung’s lowest end phones are actually not that cheap and the company accepts it. They say that company demands a bit premium for the brand and quality. We do admire the OLED screens in some of these phones because they are brilliant. Samsung is quite slow in updates so that is what users must always keep in mind.

We have tested many of Samsung mobiles and we like their camera quality compared to competitors for price being. They get our recommendation due to huge user base and great after sales service. For low end and entry level phones there are many companies that provide better specs at lower price actually. Still people love Samsung due to their brand image and trust.

The Galaxy J5 and J7 with AMOLED screen and new hardware are really great and popular options. They can fulfill almost all mid level needs of people. These phones take great and sharp photos, videos. They can do browsing and media consumption easily and the battery is also good enough.On series phones were meant for exclusive online sales but are being sold offline as well.

Some low end J series handsets don’t have Samsung’s signature screen so keep in mind about that. If you are buying a phone then we always recommend choosing a device that will fulfill your need. It is better to invest wisely then lament in future, so think and plan your budget before investing. And if you can score a previous generation mid range phone with better spec at your budget definitely go for it.

Updated: 2018/08/26

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