Latest Samsung Galaxy J Series Smartphones details

Latest Samsung Galaxy J Series phones 2018

Samsung’s Galaxy J series is one of the most popular lineup. It offers phones from entry level to mid range. We can consider this as the biggest family of Samsung smartphones. They are very popular among people all around the world. Mainly we see them popular among biggest market segment. J series phones offer reasonably good specs in a neat package. There are many phones such as J1, J2, J3, J5, J6, J7, J8 and many  other variants of these as well.

Each year Samsung updates these phones and they widen their lineup. 2018 is a milestone as there were many new phones this year. We see new changes each year in terms of hardware, design and pricing. Sometimes those updates are fruitful for consumers and sometimes the updates are just for namesake. Still many people buy J series mobiles and love them. We have also recommended them lots of time due to many reasons.

To be completely honest, we mostly find people asking us at least one option of Samsung mobile when they are buying a phone. People really love and trust the brand actually. The main reasons are their after sales service and huge user base. Lets start with the basic one and enter to big ones.

1) Galaxy J2 (2018): The J2 is one of the entry level phones from Samsung. This phone has come a long way with lots of revisions and updates. It is popular among the people are who are just starting with Android smartphones. These are the specs of Samsung Galaxy J2 2018.

5″ Super AMOLED Screen
540×960 Screen resolution
Qualcomm Snapdragon 42
1.4 GHz quad core processor
2 GB RAM, 16 GB Storage
2600 mAh battery
8 MP f/2.2 Back Camera, 5 MP f/2.2 Front Camera


It is clear that this is the most basic phone for the 2018. This model has 2 GB RAM which paired with quad core processor which is good enough for basic tasks. It is a good thing that Samsung is using AMOLED screen at such budget range product.


2) Galaxy J3 (2018): This one is the newest addition to J lineup. There was no J3 in the past but the company has now expanded the series. It is also an entry level phone just above the J2. These are the hardware specifications of Samsung Galaxy J3 2018.

5″ IPS LCD Screen 720×1280 resolution
Exynos 7870 Chipset
1.4 GHz quad core processor
2 GB RAM plus 16 GB On board storage
3600 mAh battery
8 MP f/1.9 Main Camera, 5 MP f/2.2 secondary camera

There isn’t much difference between the Galaxy J2 and this. It has a bit higher resolution at HD but this is LCD. Also this phone has quad core processor from Samsung instead of Qualcomm. We highly prefer AMOLED over the LCD due to bright and punchy colors. The specs such as battery, memory are also same as the little brother J2.

3) Galaxy J4 (2018): This is also new addition to the lineup. The Galxy J4 is a new member and sits below the J5 which is immensely popular in budget segment. It sits on the big screen and phablet category. The specs of Samsung Galaxy J4 2018 are as follows.

5.5″ SAMOLED screen 720×1280 resolution
Exynos 7570 SOC with 1.4 GHz quad core processor
2 GB RAM, 16 GB Storage
3000 mAh battery
13 MP f/1.9 Back Camera, 5 MP f/2.2 front sensor
Mali T720 MP2 GPU

Galaxy J4 2018 is a bit updated version of J3. It has bigger AMOLED screen and better back camera. The processor and RAM are same so there is no performance difference whatsoever. It does offer better camera and bigger screen so might be a good fit for people with such need.


4) Galaxy J6 (2018): The new Samsung Galaxy J6 is the new phone that is in the game level of older J5 model. This phone is embracing the new trends with tall and big screen, market standard specs. These are the specs of Galaxy J6 2018.

5.6″ SAMOLED panel with 720X1480 Resolution
4 GB RAM/64 GB Storage, 3 GB RAM/32 GB Storage
Exynos 7870 Chipset
1.6 GHz Octa-Core processor
3000 mAh battery
13 MP f/1.9 Back camera, 8 MP f/1.9 Front camera

This phone is a pretty good package and sits in the mid lower mid range category. It has 4 GB RAM and octa core processor for top variant. This has enough horsepower to run mid level to high level demanding tasks. The screen is big, vibrant and great for gaming and content consumption.

5) Galaxy J8: Just like the new J3 and J4 this phone is a newest edition. It is the highest caliber mobile in this series. Samsung Galaxy J8 offer very large screen, beautiful display and lots of power inside. It is highest end mid range phone from this family.

6″ Super AMOLED Display, 720×1480 Screen resolution
3500 mAh battery
4 GB RAM/64 GB On board space
Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 SOC, 1.8 GHz octa core processor
16 MP f/1.7 Plus 5 MP f/1.9 Dual rear camera setup
16 MP f/1.9 Front camera
Adreno 506 GPU
Android 8.0 Oreo OS



J8 2018 has a big and high quality screen but the resolution is quite low for such big screen. We expect FHD+ resolution in such big and tall screen. The hardware is good enough for demanding tasks and gaming though. Also back side has dual camera so users can take great detailed photos and have Live Focus feature. Front camera also has high resolution support with LED flash

Our Best Choice

Samsung’s mobiles keep on improving slowly. They don’t pull everything fast but do it in safe and best way. This is why we don’t see many expected features soon. Among all of these phones our favorite is obviously Galaxy J8 but considering price and specs, Galaxy J4 wins. The J3 is a bit out because the specs are same as J2 and it also missed on screen.

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