Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal Updated
Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal Updated

There are lots of smartphones in the Nepali market and Samsung holds a big share. They have huge share of smartphones and electronics in Nepal and global market. Lots of models come and go each year. Some stay longer while some are updated and replaced. This is the list of latest Samsung Mobile price in Nepal.

We have not listed old models because they are out of Samsung’s Official stock. They might be in the market but officially they are outdated for market. You can still buy good old models and we still encourage to buy better old models. Investment in old flagship is still better than buying new expensive models.

Our list includes all the smartphone’s price listed in descending order of their. We have flagship models at top, mid range and middle and budget range and bottom. Older phones have been removed from Samsung Nepal’s listing. This list is regularly updated with new offers as well. Price list of all available phones are as follows.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rs 1,09,900 (128 GB)
Samsung Galaxy S9+ Rs 1,04,900 (128 GB), Rs 99,900 (64GB)
Samsung Galaxy S9 Rs 87,900 (64GB)
Galaxy Note 8 Rs 96,900 (64GB)
Galaxy S8+ Rs 79,900
Galaxy S8 Rs 69,900
Galaxy S7 Edge Rs 66,900
Galaxy Note 5 Rs 62,900
Galaxy S7 Rs 56,500
Samsung Galaxy A8 Star Rs 59,990
Galaxy A9 Rs 54,999
Galaxy A8+ Rs 44,990
Galaxy A6+ Rs 34,890
Galaxy A7 (2018) Rs 42,990
Galaxy A6 Rs 26,890
C7 Pro Rs 29,490
Galaxy J8 Rs 31,490
Galaxy J7 Pro Rs 30,900
Galaxy J7 Duos Rs 28,990
J7 Max Rs 26,290
Galaxy J6+ Rs 23,690 (3 GB), Rs 27,990 (4 GB)
Galaxy J7 Prime 2 Rs 28,990
Galaxy J6 Rs 22,690 (64 GB), Rs 22,190 (32 GB)
J7 Prime (2016) Rs 23,990
Galaxy J4+ Rs 19,390
J5 Prime (2016) Rs 22,490
Galaxy J7 Nxt Rs 18,390 (16 GB), Rs 20,990 (32 GB)
Galaxy J4 Rs 15,490 (16 GB), Rs 18,990 (32 GB)
Galaxy On Nxt Rs 23,990
Galaxy J7 Neo Rs 20,990 (32 GB)
On 7 Pro Rs 15,790
Galaxy J2 Pro Rs 14,590
Galaxy J2 (2018) Rs 14,290
J2 Ace Rs 13,190
Galaxy J2 Core Rs 11,690
Galaxy J2 4G (Refresh) Rs 10,690
J2 (2015) Rs 10,990
J1 (2016) Rs 11,390



These are the current smartphones in the market now. We will keep updating this list regularly. Price of many devices have been changed after tax rule changes..

Samsung has lots of phones in each segment. Usually their names suggest what category or price bracket they belong to. The most basic level phones are J series phones. J1, J2 and J3. Then we have better Galaxy J5, J6 and J7. The phones have changes a lot in each series. Every year they get more premium build and features.

On series was actually meant for online sales but due to demand, it came to offline market as well.At mid range, we have A series including A3, A5, A7, A6, A6+, A8 and A8+. The upper ones A6+ and A8+ are almost on flagship range. Then we have C series phones that were meant for China but also made its way to other markets.

C series are parallel to A series and sometimes better. Finally there is S series and Note series. These are flagship phones with top of the line features and power. Note series usually comes later each year and always features somewhat better specs than S series. Thus Note is popular for media users and creatives while S is popular among almost people of all types.


In 2018, we would suggest to get a cheap S7 Edge because it is still a great phone. Then you can also go for S8 if that is in your bracket. For top users, Galaxy Note 9 is the only answer. People searching for best combo of new phone, size and price Galaxy S9 will be best choice.

If the phone you are planning to buy is close in budget and specs with old flagship. It is better to get flagship phone. But the older phone won’t get much updates like new phones. There are many things that should be considered while buying a phone.

Updated: 2018/08/26

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