Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal Updated
Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal Updated

There are lots of smartphones in the Nepali market and Samsung holds a big share. They have huge share of smartphones and electronics in Nepal and global market. Lots of models come and go each year. Some stay longer while some are updated and replaced. This is the list of latest Samsung Mobile price in Nepal.

We have not listed old models because they are out of Samsung’s Official stock. They might be in the market but officially they are outdated for market. You can still buy good old models and we still encourage to buy better old models. Investment in old flagship is still better than buying new expensive models.

Our list includes all the smartphone’s price listed in descending order of their. We have flagship models at top, mid range and middle and budget range and bottom. Older phones have been removed from Samsung Nepal’s listing. This list is regularly updated with new offers as well. Price list of all available phones are as follows.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rs 1,02,990
Samsung Galaxy S8+ Rs 91,900
Galaxy S8+ Rs 81,900
Galaxy S7 Edge Rs 68,900
Galaxy S7 Rs 57,900
Galaxy C9 Pro Rs 49,990
C7 Pro Rs 39,900
A7 2017 Rs 42,490
A7 2016 Rs 33,900
A5 2016 Rs 25,990
Galaxy J7 Pro Rs 32,990
J7 Max Rs 28,290
J7 Prime Rs 24,490
J5 Prime Rs 22,490
Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Rs 26,000
Galaxy J7 Nxt Rs 19,900
J5 2016 Rs 19,990
Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 Rs 21,900
J5 2015 Rs 17,900
On 7 Pro Rs 15,490
J2 Pro Rs 14,290
J2 2016 Rs 12,900
J2 Ace Rs 13,990
J1 2016 Rs 11,390
Samsung Galaxy J2 Rs 10,900
J1 Ace Rs 9,390
J1 Nxt Prime Rs 8,390
Samsung Z2 Rs 6,290



These are the current smartphones in the market now. We will keep updating this list regularly. Price of many devices have been reduced.


Galaxy S7 is available for Rs 57,900 and new A7 2017 is available for Rs 54,900. The prices are very close so we suggest you to buy the S7 by investing a little more.

If the phone you are planning to buy is close in budget and specs with old flagship. It is better to get flagship phone. But the older phone won’t get much updates like new phones. There are many things that should be considered while buying a phone.

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