Latest Sony Xperia Mobile phones price in Nepal
Latest Sony Xperia Mobile phones price in Nepal

Sony is a very reputed Japanese conglomerate popular all over the world. They are one of the pioneer in electronics and engineering. Sony products have a very good name in Nepal from a long time. Nepali consumers are familiar to Sony TV, Radio, Camera and lately Smartphones. They have lots of mobiles in the market and we have covered Latest Sony Mobile Phones Price in Nepal as much as possible.

Sony is a innovative company and their camera sensors are best in the industry. Almost all mobile phone manufacturers use Sony sensors. They have a very good range of DSLR camera, LED TV, sound system and other entertainment systems as well. Sony is doing good business in Television market as well but we are only talking about smartphones here.

There is no compromise in quality and features but Sony lacks the tactics in pricing. They are very expensive for the Nepali customers compared to other brands. We understand that company demands a premium but if the price are a bit lowered people will surely choose this reputed brand more.

All these price are provided by official distributor of Nepal which is Nepa Hima Trade Link. This page is updated regularly so keep visiting. If you have any updates, feel free to tell us. Our list has most expensive at top but market trend is opposite. People buy budget phones more than high end ones.


Sony  XZ Premium Rs 80,500
Xperia Z5 Premium Rs 70,000
Xperia Z5 Dual Rs 64,800
Sony Xperia XZs Rs 55,000
Sony XA2 Ultra Rs 46,000
XA1 Ultra Rs 40,500
Sony XA2 Rs 36,000
Saony Xperia XA1 Rs 28,000
Xperia X Rs 32,500
Sony Xperia XZ Dual Rs 52,500
XA Ultra Rs 28,000
Sony Xperia L2 Rs 26,000
Xperia L1 Rs 20,000
Sony Xperia XA Dual Rs 17,000


The list is small because we updated and only listed officially available mobiles. Other old sets are out of stock. Sony is always on good display and power game. The thing they are lacking is design. People are now preferring less chin and forehead design. Sony phones have more industrial designs. They are very good with their software updates as well.

Sony Nepal told us that their smartphone unit is very small compared to other units. Their phones and TV have huge focus on quality and color accuracy. People are telling that Sony needs to change their design language  a bit. They have quality but design also matters because phones are becoming luxury like jewelry these days.

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