Latest Xiaomi Mi Band, Smartwatch price in Nepal

Xiaomi smartwatch and fitness band price in Nepal

Xiaomi Nepal added new gadgets to its family. Prior they were only selling entry level wearable gear. Now they are also selling new bands to people. The company has lots of products in their ecosystem and they are bringing it slowly. All companies first examine the market demand and then launch products. We have made a list of latest Xiaomi Mi Band price in Neal to help interested people.

Smartwatch are the new fashion and gadget of this era. In our race of getting lots of features and better electronics, we now have these gear. Many people like watch with classic design and digital features. While some people need futuristic, new era look or may be just minimalist design. Either way, all what people want is lots of tech in good looking package.

Mi Bands are very popular in market. Now they have smartwatches in mid range market. The company has entry level bands and mid range bands. Higher level bands ares similar to smartwatches. Currently these are the officially available Mi Smartwatches and bands with their price.

Mi Band 2Rs 4,499
Amazfit Bip Lite Youth Smart WatchRs 10,500
Mi ARC Amazfit WatchRs 10,500
Mi Amazfit Health BandRs 17,500

The first launch lot consists of entry to mid range watches. Vatsal Impex is selling these products at their official showrooms.  The higher end models feature lots of power and hardware. We are very satisfied with quality and features of Mi Band 2. The company is doing good job catering wider range of products.

Many companies have smartwatch and fitness bands in Nepali market. For general information, let us state that fitness bands don’t have perfect scientific measurement and there is significant deviance from actual vital. Most companies have stated this in their site as well.

In our view Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is best budget buy with lots of lovely features. Amazfit Bip has bigger screen than Arc Amazfit and Amazfit Health band. Most above mentioned products do have IP rating for protection products. Their Health bands also have OLED screen which is superior. Heart rate sensor, sleep monitor, pedometer, Smart Lock support are very useful features that we love among these.


While choosing a smartwatch or fitness bands, always go for bigger battery and better protection. Most gears now have water and dust protection and that is a must for electronics. Many of these devices are targeted for sports and exercise so durability is most important concern.


Also look for higher range of connectivity with mobile device. The screens are also getting pretty good with better protection layers. As wearable devices are exposed a lot, quality should be main pillar while buying.

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