LHC Discovers Pentaquark-Sub atomic particle of 2015

Last year two particles were discovers in LHC (Large Hadron Collider) in Cern and this year LHC discovers new particle named Pentaquark. This is the biggest discovery in physics in 2015 after last years discovery. The scientists in Cern are always colliding particles in almost light speed(99.9999% of speed of light) to break down the particles to find out the basic particle.

The particles are collided with huge energy that even splits the atom bringing out the sub atomic particles. LHC is actually famous for the Higgs Boson particle it is trying to find. They have found out its energy range. It is actually used to understand the moment after Big Bang and it does so by creating crating such environment of explosion but in a limited and contained space where physicists can study the data.

It has been told in a magazine report that this particle is different from other particle and this can bring a huge change in out basic understanding and mechanism of quantum physics. Actually two pentaquarks of different built elements (quarks) were discovers. Pentameters were suggested by physicist Murray Gell-Mann in 1960s but now we found them.

Pentaquark Graph
Pentaquark Graph

A highly noticeable change is energy level is found while analyzing the procedure. Both of the pentaquarks have different values of energy as they have different combination of quarks and thus are named after their energy content. One is Pc(4450)+ and next one is Pc(4380)+. The graph represents that the energy is in MeV or mega electron volts.

The team is working to find other pentaquarks of other combination. The ultimate goal is to understand the creation of universe by going in reverse. The existence of this particle has been proved after around 50 years. This will help us to understand more about the particles like neutrons, protons, baryons and other. The research will go on and try to find more particles with higher energy levels which is actually higher vibrations.