Mt Everest
Mt Everest

Mount Everest or Sagarmatha is the world’s highest peak which is 8848m in height. It is situated in South Asia in Nepal. The mountain falls in Himalayan range. A lot of media and scientists are stating about consequences of global warming and carbon production but a poor and developing country like Nepal are facing the harsh effects. Latest joint research of Nepal Science Technology Association and Italian Education ministry used an Italian Satellite and web cam to monitor Everest’s snow. The results were very sad. It showed that the rate of snow fall is less than melting. This why the mountain is barren and there is no snow in Mount Everest.

State:The climbers said they used to happily trek and climb on snow but now they have to climb on black hard rocks. Three years ago a camp was flooded by melted snow in Mt. Everest. This is no joke or a small threat. The mountaineers says that the high wind is blowing away the snow and also the melting rate is very high than falling ans setting time. This is causing to build up lakes and glaciers. This is a very delicate system.

The small lakes are now joining to build a bigger lake.The mountain glaciers and lakes are expanding in geometric rate. The lakes are building up at the rate of 0.6 meter per year. This is a danger close state and Mount Everest is in Jeopardy and has become a snow less Himalaya.The climbers are complaining it is becoming hard to climb on Mt. Everest top. Few years back the top used to be sparkling white filled with snow now its only hard rock. The famous climber App Sherpa who have climbed Sagarmatha for 21 times said that in comparison to few years back now only half of Mt Everest is covered with snow and lakes are arising too much. The layer of snow has depleted too much that the mountain is barren.The snow fall region has shifted to 180m above the usual region.

Everest full view
Everest full view

The cause is simple “Global Warming” and green house effect due to green house gases. The high Himalayan regions are the first to suffer the consequences of world’s mistake. India and China the two neighboring countries are produce about 25-30 percent black carbon that contribute for global warming. According to UNFCC, due to rapid snow melt the Asian countries may have to suffer water problem and the country like Nepal with low infrastructure is in danger. According to a journal Geophysical, in 7 years the black carbon amount is Himalayan state has doubled. The black carbon is the most deadly because it contributes for more snow melt than any other types of carbon.


Mount Everest is a very important gift of nature to everyone of the world. We are destroying it and we all should try to save this because we are in danger of loosing something precious. Let’s do what we can.
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