How to Take Ncell Double Loan: Saapati process details

Axiata Ncell Double Loan

Ncell has lots of schemes to offer to its customers. They have different data packs, voice packs, data services, and other schemes. One of their most famous services is Ncell Saapati. This is a load or credit service where prepaid customers can get double loan or sapati when their main balance is lower than Rs 5. Many people use it when their balance gets lower and need to make a call or use mobile data. Here we are going to teach you about the process of taking Ncell double loan.

Saapati means loan in the Nepali language and people do like this scheme. In this, customers can take a loan of a maximum Rs 40. This is useful for many purposes including, calling, SMS and mobile data or Internet. Similar to this there is NTC loan service and people like that very much. The company put the credited amount in main balance and it has no expiry. Therefore the users can use it anytime. However, this has to be paid eventually.

This double sapati charge comes added with the company’s service charge, VAT and telecom service charges. That means the service charge and tax comes around Rs 2.55. Therefore when you recharge, Rs 42.55 is deducted from the balance. Regardless of this, people like it because this is an emergency service and it is a reasonable charge to pay.


How to take Ncell double loan?

  1. Make sure your SIM card is at least 2 months old and active.
  2. After your balance reaches Rs 5 or lower, just dial *9988#.
  3. An alternative method is sending blank SMS to 9988.
  4. See the confirmation message or notification.
  5. Users can also call 9988 to get more information.
  6. Users can check the remaining sapati balance by dialing *901#.

This way users can get Rs 40 as Ncell loan in this double sapati offer. The credit goes to the main balance and has no expiry. But users need to pay their due. After you take the credit and consumer it, you need to pay a service charge during clearance. It means when you do a recharge, the company will deduct Rs 40 plus the VAT and TSC. This means the total charge is Rs 42.55 including everything. If you do a recharge less than this amount then it will be taken for clearing due. Users will only be able to take incoming calls and SMS until dues are cleared.

All users can avail the Ncell Sapati at any time. After users clear the previous loan, they can avail a new one. The best part is that there is no interest and the rates are flat. It is very good and has helped us and many people in an emergency situation. Actually there was Rs 30 loan in Ncell under sapati scheme but now we have this with Rs 40. Previously there was no service charge. But now we do have new program with the charge.

Ncell Balance Transfer for Emergency

Similar to loan Ncell Sapati that you get from the company, you can simply transfer balance from your friend and family. This is simply a Ncell loan transfer facility. In order to transfer money from one person’s phone to others, we need activation. The transfer method as follows:

  1. Dial 17122 for activation of the service.
  2. Type the following code for transferring. *17122*<Receipient Number>*<Amount>#.For example: *17122*9802100000*50#.
  3. See the transfer notification and confirm it

A user can transfer a minimum of Rs 10 and a maximum of Rs 200 at a time. It is available for up to 3 times a day. It also very important because we might not get a recharge option every time. This is why people ask their friends, family, and relatives for help. Ncell takes Rs 1 as a service charge for a balance transfer. There are additional 13% TSC and VAT on top of this as well. The loan transfer can be cheaper to a user compared to the official Saapati.


There is another “Low Balance Call” feature where users can make a call to Ncell users even when their balance is zero. In order to do this just put 17102 in front of the number, you want to call. In this, the charge is deducted from the receiver’s balance. These are some services which customers can use in an emergency situation.

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