Ncell Purple Nepal Logo
Ncell Purple Nepal Logo

Ncell’s internet and data service is always praised for the speed but since the latest Gorkha earthquake many of the towers ad stations were damaged. The company is working to recover the loss and also strengthening the network backbone to increase internet speed for users. Company finished work to improve cellular call quality and increase data speed to 21 Mbps.

The company started serving mobile data at rate of 3.6 Mbps via 2G and now it serves 3G and 3.5 G network. 4G was lately initiated in Delhi, NTC is also upgrading the network to 4G and improving internet bandwidth fr ADSL. Most of the smartphone active on today’s date support mainly 3.5G not 4G. The mobile manufacturer don’t export r manufacture 4G LTE devices for Nepal but slowly the import is starting.

Ncell plans to double the internet bandwidth and voice rate too. The company states that users will be able to stream video with their mobile data with ease. With 21 Mbps, you should get 2.1MB/s which is equivalent to file copy speed of some low class SD cards. 1080p videos should buffer with ease. The upgrade has been completed in Kathmandu so users can enjoy it now according to the company. Upgrade will be conducted outside the valley in the near future.

Installation is still remaining in some places so technologies like “Cell on Wheel” have been used. New heavy, advanced and sophisticated equipment, towers with higher capacity have been installed in various places. This is to ensure that the infrastructures remain safe from calamities.


Ncell Cell on Legs
Ncell Cell on Legs

The network is stronger in the Ring road areas rather than areas out of ring road. As the internet becomes fast people tend to forget the usage, limit, pack, scheme and balance. Be very careful while using the internet because due to open background data, sync option, you might loose huge amount of data. If you are heavy user getting unlimited internet connection at home with WiFi is best solution. We suggest using data as low as possible on the run because it uses more power of phone battery and is clearly very expensive.

Ncell is the biggest tax payer of the country which clearly states that its revenue is higher than any other telecommunication corporate. It does provide lesser service than NTC but due to higher rate it gains a lot of income, people complain a lot about this matter. It doesn’t matter because it all comes to service in time. During earthquake all NTC networks were severely congested due to extreme traffic because of large users but Ncell was working better than Namaste. Roaming of Ncell is easier to activate and also in many countries, these are the reasons why people pay higher costs.

We will test internet speed of both networks really Edge (2G), HSPA (3G), HSPA+(3.5G) as soon as possible. The old GPRS (2G) has been discontinued in many parts of Nepal. NTC upgraded its system from GPRS and went to Edge for minimum where Ncell started with Edge system.

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