Nepal Open University, new Paradigm Shift in eLearning

Nepal Open University, online learning in Nepal

Nepal Open University is government institution providing education via eLearning. This is a legal institute under Nepal Government which aims to provide education to people who need flexible study hours. Government of Nepal established this university in 2016 to improve the education system. This University mainly provides education though online portal. The tutorial, content and videos can be used anytime. This is a major change that pushes our country towards IT and computer based and online learning.

Many people can’t attend college regularly in a routine but they want to study. NOU is actually very unique because it not like any other traditional universities. Nepal Open University takes admission but students don’t need to go to college to study. They can study at any time they prefer in course period. It is totally technology based education.

Students of Nepal Open University need to use provided login credential to go to University portal. They can learn all the required topic using video contents, tutorial and discussion. Teachers post education materials in the portal and students should utilize them. Students can also interact with teachers and class using discussion forum.

Studying can be done in time whatever the student prefers but they should complete it under course period. Generally exams are to be given just like traditional college. Exams are conducted on selected centers and students must be physically present to participate. People in abroad can give online exam with monitoring and screen sharing. But they are responsible of any problem if it arises during the session.

NOU is relatively new and it integrates many latest technology. People can pay fees online and use Learning Management System (LMS) anytime they need. This is a very radical approach and has huge potential. If people don’t have knowledge on LMS and other necessary computer tools, university will provide a basic training.

Perks and Situation of eLearning in Nepal

As it is under Nepal Government, NOU is recognized in Nepal by all other university and institutions. They also have credit transfer system and eLibrary for the students. There are many organization that focus on computer based learning and government is taking this one step ahead. The major benefit is that busy people can study according to time they can manage.

Many people want a degree for their job but don’t have time to go to regular college. Such people can attend courses offered by NOU. The university course and study materials are expanding regularly. Nepal Open University is something that can revolutionize the education system in Nepal. People in rural areas with internet can study and get a degree. We have many place in our country where there is wireless internet but no road.

Education is the base of development of human and country. The university is expanding the number of course and subjects offered as well. In our view this university should focus on providing best quality education at the lowest cost possible. Lets hope for the best and wish that this institute helps to bolster education of our country.

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