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CIB released a PR to warn people about the consequences of cyber-bullying, hateful comments, disrespecting speech and harassment. The cyber division and the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) already has many rules regarding cyber-crimes in Nepal. There is a high rise of complaints these days. Due to the changing scenario of social media use, cyber-bullying, trolling are increasing day by day. As Nepal Police issues warning against online abuse we want to discuss on this topic.

The press release was made public by CIB on September 29th. There is rapid growth in the use of technology, mobile phones, and social media nowadays. Lots of news and updates are available on these platforms. Many famous and influential people, companies are present on these media. There are many pros to this uprising technology. However, the cons are also dangerous on the same scale. In this era, we are dealing with issues that were never present in the past.

Police are receiving an increased number of complaints regarding these sectors. The complains are mostly related to hateful, disrespectful comments. There are complaints about online sexual harassment, cyber-bullying, etc. All of this harm the reputation of people or organizations. CIB has warned users and people against these activities. They have clearly stated that these kinds of activities won’t be tolerated. All of the rules are based on the Electronic Transaction Act.


CIB Press Release

If Nepal Police issues warning it means it is serious. In other words, they are very serious and sensitive about current situations and matters. Alleged criminals will be penalized according to the law. Therefore, such activities should not be done on any platforms. Please avoid from such horrid acts at Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any kind social media sites. The Police actively monitors such activities and they receive many complaints each day.

Nepal Police CIB Warning Notice 2073
CIB Warning Notice 2073

Most of the complaints are regarding duplicate Facebook profile, hacking, ruining reputation, threatening, sexual harassment, explicit content sharing, etc. The Government advises people to not post any vulgar, reputation demeaning or useless comments. We regularly see people being punished for such activities. Please be very careful while posting anything in the electronic medium.

CIB is issuing a serious warning this time. Similarly, the Home Ministry has issued such warnings in the past as well. In addition, they also said people not to post abusive materials on the online or any electronic medium. Most of the online abusive posts mainly hurt or target the political parties, leaders and other famous people. Nowadays the number of online trolls and criminals are increasing. Defaming girls by editing their photos and blackmailing is also increasing. These kind of acts are very dangerous and punishable. Therefore always be aware of your activities and boundaries.


People don’t realize how much someone’s words and feedback matter. Words hurt more and most importantly, act on social media can do more bad. In other words, online media can destroy public image in large scale very fast. Many people go into depression and other problems. There are even some registered cases of suicide. Therefore everyone must be very careful while posting anything. There are many consequences and they can destroy people’s family and careers. Mostly fake news, cyberbullying, blackmailing, files leak, defamation do a lot of harm.


Internet is a big place with close connections. News travels fast which means anything can travel fast. Good news travels fast which is good but bad ones also travel the same way. Internet is providing us the speed and large audience. However, it can do have some big cons. Fake news, defaming posts, can also travel fast. There is the power to be anonymous and everyone doesn’t have high tech skills. Therefore many fall prey of the bad people.

We are totally against abusive comments, posts and disrespectful contents. Constructive criticism is always welcome but there are limited. Trying to destroy someone’s reputation is bad. Therefore the online community should be very sensitive on this matter. We encourage the police to take strict actions in such serious cases. We also advise people to follow the advice of the system. In addition, do read the Electronics Transaction Act of Nepal. the current act is ETC 2063. Above all, if you are facing any problems, report it to the police as soon as possible. Take the help of experts and the legal system.

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