Nepal Telecom FTTH Internet Price, Package, Speed, and Offers

Nepal Telecom FTTH

Nepal Telecom is a major internet service provider (ISP) in Nepal. They have a massive telephone network all around Nepal and a wide mobile service reach. NTC also has fiber net or FTTH in Nepal with the name of NT Fiber. The company serves fast internet service, telephone, and TV all through optical fiber lines. NTC has a lot of packages and in this article, I will explain all the details on Nepal Telecom FTTH internet price, cost, packages, and offers. The article is based on the latest price revision of 1st Kartik 2078 or 18th October of 2021.

FTTH or Fiber to the Home is a common term used worldwide for consumer connection of optical fiber at residence. NT Fiber is the FTTH service from the company or Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd. They provide internet, TV, and voice services all through the same fiber cable. Users can also subscribe to combo offers which can be like a buffet. NTC offers single internet service or packages such as telephone with internet or internet with TV and telephone. People who just want telephone or voice service can also just use the voice call rental on FTTH. In many places, NTC staff are just changing phone lines of existing customers from copper to fiber and providing just voice calls as per demand.

NTC FTTH Introduction

Nepal Telecom started FTTH service in Kathmandu in 2072. Since then the company is expanding its service all across the country. The company has first tried to reach maximum districts with the service. Then they started penetrating inside different areas of the districts. Similarly, in the case of Kathmandu, NTC has started to make penetration with its fiber infrastructure. The company is replacing its old copper wires of PSTN system all around Nepal with optical fiber cables. Still, there are many places where the company is yet to reach with FTTH service.


However, if you are in a place where there is an infrastructure of NTC, then you can follow simple steps and get a new connection or perform an upgrade. I have explained the process of getting a new connection and the process of upgrading from Nepal Telecom ADSL to NTC FTTH in brief as well.

Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd. sells different plans and packages across the country. People can use fast internet with NT Fiber actually. The company has internet speeds from 8 Mbps to 100 Mbps. In order to get an idea of quality, uptime and speed then I also have a detailed article on Nepal Telecom FTTH Review. The detailed review consists of speed tests at different times and devices plus a review of multiple aspects of service.

If you want to get details on a new connection, then you can see the company website and call on the contact numbers given on the NTC website. Else you can go and pay a visit to the office if you have some time.

Nepal Telecom FTTH Internet Price

NTC has two main types of packages for customers. They are 1) Individual package and 2) Premium Internet Packages are the two main NTC Fiber internet packages for all customers. The individual package is for home users and the premium package connection is for corporate or SMEs. Actually, Nepal Telecom used to sell the expensive unlimited service as a corporate package. The major difference between these two service packages is the Fair Use Policy (FUP). Individual packages have FUP on them while Premium packages don’t. This is the reason the premium package costs are expensive. I will discuss FUP in detail after I explain the tariff and schemes. So now, let us discuss all the NTC fiber net price in Nepal.


A) NTC Fiber Indivisual Packages Tariff

In this individual package, there are mainly three schemes. First and cheapest scheme comes with just the telephone. The second one comes with the internet and voice service. By voice service, the company means telephone or landline. The third one comes with all three services that include NTTV, data, and voice. NTTV is the digital television service that is being provided by the company on NTC fiber service. There is one scheme where users can also get NTTV with a telephone and no internet. The charges for just telephone service is a bit different because of the telephone rental charge. It follows the traditional PSTN or landline tariff rates. However, the free telephone service provided in the FTTH service is billed combined.

Nepal Telecom offers 25 Mbps, 40 Mbps, and 80 Mbps service to home users. They serve internet data, telephone, and television with it. People can choose to get just data and telephone or all three that are internet telephone and television. Whatever you choose these are the only speed options for you. For higher speed, you need to purchase a premium service. Only those have unlimited speed with no FUP. Nepal Telecom FTTH internet price for the packages with FUP is lower compared to truly unlimited premium service.

1) Telephone / Landline

Nepal Telecom provides telephone or voice service via optical fiber or FTTH as well. Instead of old copper wire, optical fiber drop cable comes to the home and goes into customer-premises equipment (CPE). NTC has a CPE that works as a media converter, modern, and WiFi router. So the router or CPE is capable of providing telephone line RJ11 output, LAN RJ45 output, and WiFi. Thus people who just need a telephone get the same router as others but with no internet service. Below is the cost of telephone service via NTFiber.

1 Month3 Months12 Months
Telephone (Voice Service)Rs 255Rs 765Rs 3,060

The NT Fiber Telephone service charge is the same as the charge of a normal PSTN line. If you just need a landline then the service is there but it is cheap if you get the collective package with internet or with NTTV. The combo and triple play schemes don’t require the monthly minimum payment of telephone.


2) NT Fiber Internet + 1 Telephone : Combo

This can be taken as the basic service from the company for internet connection. Nepal Telecom provides NT fiber service with broadband internet and telephone as a base plan. Currently, all new users get 25 Mbps basic service. The maximum speed for home users or individual package is 80 Mbps. However, only the users who have been automatically upgraded from ADSL get the default 8 Mbps service at Rs 800. Please note that you can’t subscribe to 8 Mbps for a normal new connection.

NTC is providing a 25 Mbps base speed which is fantastic because it has been revised from 15 Mbps. I have also done an extensive NTC Fiber net speed test for the 15 Mbps package and found that the service is reliable. The speed is usually above the specified package. For now, here are the updated tariff for the service of internet and free telephone.

Internet Speed1 Month3 Months12 Month
25 MbpsRs 1,000Rs 2,850Rs 10,500
40 MbpsRs 1,500Rs 4,200Rs 15,300
80 MbpsRs 2,000Rs 5,500Rs 20,500

All the packages in this combo have a free telephone with Rs 100 balance and free talk time in the NT network. The 1-month service has 250 minutes, the 3-months service has 750 minutes and the 12-months service has 3000 minutes free calls within the NTC network only. After the free call is exhausted or you make calls in another network like Ncell then the balance is utilized. When the balance finishes, the regular tariff of the landline starts to apply.

3) NT Fiber Internet + 1 NTTV + 1 Telephone : Triple Play

The term “Triple Play” is a word in the telecommunication sector that means all three TV, Internet, and telephone services in a single broadband connection. Nepal Telecom is the only company in the country to provide this service. It is beneficial for people who want combined billing and enjoy service without the hassle of many service providers. So in the table below, there is the cost of NTC FTTH service with NTTV, internet, and telephone.

Internet Speed1 Month3 Months12 Month
25 MbpsRs 1,400Rs 4,100Rs 14,052
40 MbpsRs 1,850Rs 5,500Rs 18,025
80 MbpsRs 2,450Rs 7,200Rs 23,525

There is also a scheme that serves telephone and television services together. In this scheme, the company serves just digital TV and telephone on the NTC fiber line. This requires having both a router and a set-top box (STB). The price of NTTV and telephone service without internet or data is as follows.

1 Month3 Months12 Months
NTTV and Telephone OnlyRs 800Rs 2,350Rs 8,300

Customers should separately buy the set-top box or STB for NTTV under this package. For every additional TV, customers should buy one set-top box. Even if you pay for the whole year, you need to purchase the STB separately for each television in the house. On top of that, there is also an extra charge per additional TV. Therefore if you want to have a multi TV connection or many television sets then you have to pay extra.

1 Month3 Months12 Months
Additional TV Connection CostRs 508.50Rs 1,448.66Rs 4,881.60

B) NTC Fiber Premium Internet Packages Tariff

In the premium service, there is no telephone included but there are a few benefits. However, the price is quite expensive. The first and most important feature is no application of FUP. In the individual or home packages, there is FUP where customers only get a certain amount of data at a faster rate of the contract. After the daily data limit is reached the contract speed is throttled and reduced. Unlike that, there is no such restriction in the premium service. These are mostly meant for offices or small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Previously these were called “Corporate Packages” by Nepal Telecom. The company currently serves 50 Mbps, 80 Mbps, and 100 Mbps internet through NT fiber under the premium internet package. Nepal Telecom FTTH internet price for these schemes are a premium mainly for no FUP or restriction.


1) Premium Internet Service

Nepal Telecom only provides high-speed internet under this scheme. There is no telephone and NTTV service in this. It is purely a line for data. NTC provides high-speed internet bandwidth up to 100 Mbps with no FUP in this. As there is no FUP, it can be used without any fear of throttling. So small offices that have high data usage can benefit from this connection.

Internet Speed1 Month3 Months12 Months
50 MbpsRs 4,500Rs 12,600Rs 24,800
80 MbpsRs 6,000Rs 16,500Rs 32,800
100 MbpsRs 7,500Rs 20,000Rs 40,800

2) Premium Internet Service with Television

In this scheme, users can get faster internet bandwidth and NTTV. Other TV service charges are similar to the normal individual services. By the way, customers need to purchase set-top boxes separately for each TV and also pay extra for each connection. These schemes can be a service for offices that need high-speed internet bandwidth with no restriction and who play TV in their waiting areas.

Internet Speed1 Month3 Months12 Months
50 MbpsRs 5,178Rs 14,523Rs 31,309
80 MbpsRs 6,678Rs 18,423Rs 39,309
100 MbpsRs 8,178Rs 21,923Rs 47,309

Other Charges: Installation, CPE, Router, Set-Top Box & Cable

NTC also has some one-time charges outside of regular Nepal Telecom FTTH internet price and tariffs. These charges include CPE or router cost, installation charge, TV set top box price, and drop fiber cost. One thing to note is that the company only charges for FTTH router, set-top box, and drop cable to new customers. More precisely, existing customers with PSTN landline or ADSL service get the router for free with a maximum of 100 m drop fiber. The installation charge is also free for existing customers. However, all the customers need to purchase NTTV set top box separately. People who want a new connection also get a 100m drop fiber for free.

Services / ItemsCharges
Installation of Router/CPE without TelephoneRs 500
Installation of Router/CPE with 1 TelephoneRs 1,165
Installation of Router/CPE with 2 TelephonesRs 1,830
NTC Fiber Router/CPE (With WiFi and Telephone Outlet)Rs 2825 (Free with 1 year Internet Connection Package)
NTTV Set Top Box (STB)Rs 3,800 (Free with 1 year Promotional Package)
Drop Fiber (Optical Fiber Cable)Rs 10/m (Free up to 100m for all)

Estimated Cost for Yearly Subscription of NTC Fiber Services

Well, I can’t tell what is your need and what is your situation on service but I will try my best to provide a rough estimate. First thing is that all the prices above are MRP with tax. So it is not like other private ISPs who show their cost without tax and hidden charges. Second thing is that I will show two cases where one is for an existing NTC customer and one is for a new customer. The existing customers mean both users who want to upgrade the ADSL service or just have PSTN service. I am showing the yearly costs for 1st year with installation charges because that is cheaper than paying each month. My advice is to pay at least for 3 months because that is also cheaper combined with monthly billing. Below provided price are rough estimates for yearly Nepal Telecom FTTH internet price.


1) With Internet and Telephone Only

Existing CustomerNew Customer
Router Charge: FreeRouter Charge: Free
Installation Charge: FreeInstallation Charge: 1,165
100m Fiber Cable: Free100m Fiber Cable: Free
25 Mbps Internet Service with Telephone: Rs 10,50025 Mbps Internet Service with Telephone: Rs 10,500
Total: Rs 10,500Total: Rs 11,665
Yearly cost for 25 Mbps internet connection with free telephone

2) With Internet, Telephone and TV

Existing CustomerNew Customer
Router Charge: FreeRouter Charge: Free
Installation Charge: FreeInstallation Charge: 1,165
100m Fiber Cable: Free100m Fiber Cable: Free
Set Top Box: Rs 3,800Set Top Box: Rs 3,800
25 Mbps Internet, Telephone & NTTV: Rs 14,02525 Mbps Internet, Telephone & NTTV: Rs 14,025
Total: Rs 17,825Total: Rs 18,990
Yearly cost for 25 Mbps internet connection with free telephone and TV


All the NTC FTTH Fiber internet package have fair use policy (FUP). This means users get their speed restricted when a data limit is reached. Nepal Telecom applies FUP on a daily basis whereas some private ISPs apply on monthly basis. All the NTC FTTH individual packages have FUP applicable on them. The FUP is not applicable only on premium internet packages.

Actually, in this policy, users get the contact speed up to a certain data limit. When the user crosses the daily data limit, the speed is reduced until reset happens. For example, if you have a 25 Mbps package at your home, it means you have a contract speed of 25 Mbps. NTC will provide that speed for the whole day if you don’t consume more than 30 GB in a day. If you consume more than the volume limit of 30 GB in a day, then your speed will be reduced to 5 Mbps. It means you will be only able to enjoy the 25 Mbps speed until the limit is not met. Actually, all the ISPs in Nepal have this. Here are the details of FUP for all NTC FTTH schemes.

Internet Package SpeedFUP Volume Limit / DayThrottled Speed after FUP limit
8 Mbps20 GB5 Mbps
25 Mbps30 GB5 Mbps
40 Mbps40 GB5 Mbps
80 Mbps60 GB5 Mbps

Festival Promotional Offer (NT Fiber Internet + 1 NTTV + 1 Telephone)

NTC runs different schemes all around the year and mainly during festivals. The company currently has a special package for the triple play service. Nepal Telecom is providing an offer on the 1-year package of TV, Internet, and telephone combined. The scheme is applicable for all internet speeds.

In this festival offer, customers can get one NTTV step top box for free. It is a promotional offer and it is only valid for 90 days from 1st Kartik 2078 or 18th October 2021. This is a non-renewable scheme which means after one year, customers need to visit the office to change the package.

Internet Speed12 Months Total Cost
25 MbpsRs 15,980
40 MbpsRs 17,100
80 MbpsRs 22,500

How to recharge NTC Fiber Net Packages

There are many ways of paying the bill of NTC FTTH services. Here are some of the ways to pay the bills of NT Fiber.

  • Visit the counter at nearest NTC office and pay the bill. You can also go to the counter to upgrade package while paying for new session.
  • Use online digital wallets and mobile wallets such as eSewa, Khalti, IMEI Pay etc to pay the bill using unique FTTH ID. See the Nepal Telecom FTTH internet price chart to find out amount you need to pay. The FTTH ID is provided in the first connection or receipt bill by the office. If you have forgotten the ID, visit the office to pay and remember it next time.
  • Using recharge PIN at NTC online recharge portal on the company’s website.
  • Dialing 1412 on NTC mobile phone and using recharge card or PIN.

The recommended method is using MPoS pinless top-up recharge system or mobile wallets. That is much easier for everyone and saves a lot of time.


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