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Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) started the process of IMEI number registration more than a year ago. The process has been going till now using paper forms and email at the office. Now, NTA is providing an online IMEI registration service. The new online portal helps users to register their IMEI numbers from home. The service is made with help of experts and feedback from people. According to NTA, the online registration system was on the plan since the beginning. However, the program is going live from now.

The government is planning to totally block unregistered mobile devices on all Nepali telecom networks. This registration program is mainly targeting smartphones in the grey market. There are lots of mobile phones that come through illegal channels. This causes evading of taxes and the government can’t earn. Moreover, the companies that are already here in the market also lose potential revenue when devices come from unofficial ways.

According to NTA, a phone or cellular device with an unregistered IMEI number won’t be able to have a cellular connection from telecom companies in the future. People would need to register their devices to be able to receive cellular signals. Currently, there is no need to show a bill or proof of purchase. Therefore, people should register their devices even if the product is from back-channel or grey source.

NTA Online IMEI Registration Portal

This new registration is being termed as Web-Based IMEI registration from NTA. According to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, all work is now complete. The portal is online and can be used to register cellular devices. By cellular devices, we mean electronic devices that use a SIM or RUIM card. It may be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or modem.

The new portal could be easily found on NTA’s official website. People simply need the details of the device, personal details, and a copy of government ID for registration. It is very important for people to register their phones which they brought from abroad for personal use. NTA considers that also as a back channel. People who have bought unofficially launched phones in the Nepali market should also register their devices. There are many unofficial phones in the smartphone market of Nepal.

According to the staff of a smartphone brand in Nepal, they do register the IMEI number in the system during custom clearance. However, some old smartphones might not have been registered. Therefore we recommend registering your current device as well. This will make sure the phones are safe. Moreover, the registration is free and easy.

How to register IMEI number online through NTA

  1. Find your mobile device IMEI number from bill, box or using CSC code. Dial *#06# to get your mobile device IMEI number.
  2. Go to “https://eir.nta.gov.np/” for online IMEI registration and click for signup.
  3. Select the option for indivisual application.
  4. Fill the personal details and mobile device details.
  5. Attach scan of government issued ID such as citizenship, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, PAN card etc.
  6. Foreigners can attach their Visas
  7. Submit the form

After submission, do check your gadget in the “Know your Device” section of the portal. The IMEI number of the device should come on the page. This new portal has made registration much easier. Earlier, we know that people had to go to the office and fill the form. This latest digital process is actually better for NTA and users. It has made the work much faster and robust.

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Reasons for Registration

The government is pushing this program forward each quarter. It will slowly become mandatory for importers and people to register their devices. The entire mechanism is still being designed. However, if official importers of the company register the device, customers won’t have to do it themselves.

By the way, all of this is to help track phones better, control the grey market, collect tax and reduce mobile-related crimes. All mobile importers and companies support this. Nepal government wants to control the grey market of smartphones, collect taxes, and track phones used in crime with this technology. By grey market, the companies mean phones that have not been officially launched in Nepal. However, people who bring phones for personal use and gifts from abroad have exceptions. They can easily register their phones and use them with ease.


NTA stated that the phones would stop working in the network in the future. They are saying it again and extending the deadline. Authority is still accepting registration forms from the office at Kamladi and via email for now. The new online web-based service is also active and it is made in order to bolster the registration rate. NTA is also planning to start Equipment Identity Register (EIR) in this fiscal year.

So, we highly recommend you register the IMEI number of your cellular devices if you have brought your phone from abroad. Many people bring iPhones and other expensive devices from abroad. People who have bought phones from the white market in Nepal don’t need to worry. Still, many things are not clear and your device may have not been registered by the importer. So you can register your device online easily and call it a day.

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