NTC Recharge Cards
NTC Recharge Cards

Since few days Nepal Telecom (NTC) recharge servers are working poorly and the customers are frustrated. Even we had to continuously try for more than two hours too pay for the Internet. The problem is that recharge isn’t succeeding and the worst part is even when we dial the number for IVR system it directly says that they are unable to complete our task.

The Problem: This problem arised as the number of people increased who were doing recharge of Rs 50. As the price is small people buy it and recharge their accounts frequently which is causing the system and servers to be very busy and overloaded. The recharge card of Rs 50 was just launched few months back but it seems that the company network in’t just ready for it but it definitely showed that the people love smaller chunks of recharge.

NTC said that they are upgrading the servers and the work has been almost completed but they have also requested users to use recharge cards of higher value. It makes their account live longer and the load of frequent recharge reduces but not everyone can afford big sum of money always.

Scheme: To attract users and lure them to reduce load Doorsanchar has announced Bonus offer for recharge cards greater than or equal to Rs 200. The company also suggests doing MPoS recharge. It is working good and is beneficial as well. For card of Rs 200 customers get 5% bonus, 10% for Rs 500 and 15% for Rs 1000. Performing top up via eSewa has been always beneficial as they give bonus and points too. webrecharge.ntc.net.np is also a new way to get accounts credited and to pay bills. The bonus will be given for limited period of  Mangsir 27 to Poush 30.


For old cards 1414, 1413 is working and for new cards 1415 is working.

Future Proofing: The company is improving its system and also introducing new methods like web recharge but still many things are lacking. The network speed, voice clarity, ADSL bandwidth, recharge problem, downtime and congestion. This overload is also due to popular use and demand of new GSM prepaid data package. People are complaining too much bout this everywhere and also have been published in national daily newspaper.

Due to lack of balance many people have been unable to communicate. NTC needs to understand people’s condition and make their system ready. Their network was congested for some hours after earthquake but what the things they did like providing free calls is amazing and deserves respect.

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