Next Gen Games Optimization and Paradigm Shift
Next Gen Games Optimization and Paradigm Shift

After the launch of PS4 and XBOX One, we have been hearing of new games. They are coming with advanced graphics known as next gen games. These games are mainly for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We have seen some handful of these titles and they have given us a new experience. But they are also showing some huge problems. The general trend of games is that the game is first launched for consoles and then only for PC. Even after this interval, it is the PC gamer who suffer more.

A year ago I bought Crysis 3 because I loved Crysis Warhead and Crysis 2. It is an awesome game which used new engine.They showed advanced graphics, weapons, render quality. In reality when the game was released everyone was very frustrated. The game lagged even in the system which had above average hardware. The main thing was optimization. It was too much poor. Internet has a very famous meme saying “But, can it run Crysis”

This was not a personal problem, it was the whole PC gaming community. Then came Need For Speed Rivals to the scene. There was again the problem of lag with PC. Even my 6 GB RAM, Core i3 at 3.06 GHz and GT 520 couldn’t run it in 10 FPS. So some programmers designed a small code that solved the NFS Rivals Lag. It got the fix but there was a car glitch of accident. After EA released the new patch the problem was fixed.

Further More Problems

Then came in Watch Dogs from Ubisoft. E3 demo promised next gen graphics and features in but the game was sabotaged for PC. Consoles only got these textures but the PC port was full of lag, bugs and problems. After a few weeks a new patch came to fix the lag and a new crack known as “Worse Mod” which opened the hidden textures.


The latest title is Assassin’s Creed Unity and the game showed a lot of promise in the trailer but in reality it was a disappointment. The game size is around 40 GB which runs slow because of lack of optimization and the downloading of so much big game is also a problem even from Steam.

We have rarely seen such problems in consoles but it is a lot common in PC. This all started for me with GTA IV, which was known as “Drunken Camera”. I bought the game with hard collected money and when I installed it the road was blank and the camera was moving like a drunken person. I had to wait 1 month to get best patch which is In the past there were no such problems with games, we didn’t need patch to fix games, they were awesome when they came out. GTA V on other hand was the most optimized and polished game that ran fantastic in almost all computers that had minimum requirements.

Now days we have to pay for everything like patch, DLC. It is becoming a huge business. We think this is due to paradigm shift of gaming to next gen technology. There will be problems at first so we recommend the gamer to wait before buying new games. See the reviews before spending hard earned money.

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