Next Gen Games Optimization and Paradigm Shift
Mortal Combat Artwork

After the launch of PS4 and Xbox One, we have been hearing of new games. They are coming with advanced graphics known as next-gen games. These games are mainly for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We have seen some handful of these titles and they have given us a new experience. Usually, developers first launch games for consoles like PlayStation and Xbox then they launch on PC. These are ports and they do need good optimization else we get a bad experience. We also need better hardware to play with these titles so we want to discuss next gen games optimization.

A year ago we bought Crysis 3 because we loved Crysis Warhead and Crysis 2. It is an awesome game which uses a new engine. They showed advanced graphics, weapons, and graphics. In reality, when the game was released everyone was very frustrated. The game lagged even in the system which had above average hardware. The main thing was optimization. Many systems struggled to run the Crisis game since the start. Therefore the Internet has a very famous meme saying “But, can it run Crysis”.

This was not a personal problem, it was the whole PC gaming community. Then came Need For Speed Rivals to the scene. There was again the problem of lag in NFS Rivals with PC port. It got the fix but there was a car glitch of an accident. Another problem also showed in PC port of Watchdogs. These were due to many reasons including port, optimization and pc power.

Further More Problems

The latest title, for now, is Assassin’s Creed Unity. This game also showed a lot of promise in the trailer. In reality, we were met with a lot of glitches. Ubisoft rolled out patches to fix those issues. We rarely see such problems in consoles but it is a lot common in PC. Popular game GTA IV had “Drunken Camera” issue. The solving patch arrived very late and many game owners like us were frustrated at first.

GTA IV was running slow on our computer at first but after the new patch, the performance suddenly changed. We were able to play at higher FPS on the same computer and same settings. Now we have GTA V with us. Unlike other games, this is one of the most optimized and polished game. It runs fantastic in almost all computers that meet minimum requirements. We expect other new games to be ready at launch like this as well.

According to some people, it is because game developers focus on consoles more. They just port the game to PC and it causes issues. It is easier to pirate games on computers but playing pirated games on consoles requires a hardware modification and crack. Those are not very common. Game creators and publishers earn more from consoles than PC. So they also tend to focus more on them and less on optimization for PC versions. We all know that money is important and to survive industry might prioritize products for platforms that bring more cash.


PC Hardware and Power

We are not here to complain about but rather discuss scenarios. We do accept that higher end and powerful hardware can play many games without issues. But that is not the case for the whole gaming community. Everyone doesn’t own the latest system with all powerful parts. Computer or the PC community is very big and everyone has different hardware.

So it is very important to look after all the segments. There is absolutely no way developers can make high demanding games run on bare minimum hardware like one core processor and onboard graphics. But they can optimize the port and make games run well on a system that meets minimum requirements. New issues as we discussed above in this article show how rushing games make a bad experience for all.

We can understand that no developers want to ruin their own product. But they should learn that only focusing on the expensive powerful hardware isn’t going to be fruitful. As we are talking, the computer industry is making leaps with 8 core processor and new graphics card. AI is also growing in the industry. We are surely going to see new games that will utilize such features and improve graphics quality and provide an immersive experience. We can also say that parallelly our computers will also get better and games will also demand higher resources.

This has always been the process of software and entertainment development. New technology, new graphics advancement, and AI shall bring us great new treats in the future. In the meantime, let us hope we get well-baked games and software at launch when we buy them.



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