Need For Speed Rivals Lag, FPS, Slowmotion Fix
Need For Speed Rivals lag fix

Recently EA released its new game in the Need For Speed Franchise. The new Need For Speed Rivals is a next-gen game first released for PS4 and Xbox One. Now it has come to PC as well. This game comes with a lot more advanced graphics and better gameplay. But these are many bugs which include lag and glitch. We played this game and found many problems so this is a post for fixing Need For Speed Rivals Lag, FPS drop and Slow motion issue.

As we said this is a post for fixing slowdown and lag issue of NFS Rivals. It is because the game isn’t well optimized for lower specification PC. Need For Speed Rivals requires some beefy hardware but the optimizations aren’t that good. There is also 30 FPS frame lock so you can’t get more FPS. Gamers don’t like locked games at all. Almost everyone has 60 Hz monitor and nowadays people want even higher refresh rate and frames.

There are some codes and patches that let you jump that FPS barrier. In our experience, we faced a lot of lag. We searched a found a solution to cope with some issues. The FPS barrier is now fixed with new patch and codes. Still, the game lacks a lot of optimization. The game looks good in terms of graphics. The gameplay is also nice but technical issue takes out the fun.

Fix for the Issues

One of the main and primary fixes is updating the game to the latest version. This means the latest patch is applied to the game. The new patch can improve performance for computers with good and powerful hardware. Many problems still persist for players with entry-level hardware. The code below helps to fix slow motion issue by a lot.

There is also a camera bug in the game.  The solution for the bug is that users just need to put this code ” -GameTime.MaxSimFps 18-GameTime.ForceSimRate 18+” in the target field of game’s shortcut i.e NFS14_x86.exe. Also, users can do it for ”NFS14.exe” as well.


Try other numbers instead of 18 and see what fits for your smooth experience. This code limits game up to 18 FPS only because it will fix the problem. It contradicts with our saying of higher FPS but it is a solution for jelly slow motion fix for computers with weak graphics card and hardware. This is why we are recommending to test higher numbers that suits for you.

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The code fixes slow motion and lag issue for low power computers as well as powerful computers. Still, a camera bug persists in the game after using the code. If the player hits anything the vehicle starts flying and goes controlled. Most of the times force closing the game and re-opening only helps.

Test System and stats

To be honest 18 FPS is best for Geforce GT 520 users in this game. We tested on a system with 4 GB RAM, Core i3 540 and Geforce GT 520 1 GB. Players with a better system can surely change the numbers and get higher FPS. We prefer you to use the latest update because it is available now and fixes a lot of issues. The best thing about the game is awesome graphics and perfect handling which was lost in Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012.


We tested the game in new systems with GT 820M and Core i5. Rivals was also tested on a system with GT 755M in SLI with Core i7. We didn’t use the code in the later tests. The game was absolutely fixed and it seems they didn’t optimize the game for lower series hardware only. GT520 and 820 are starting series GPU and their performance is likewise. The new driver helped a lot and the performance was awesome. The game shows no lag in the new R5 and R9 series Radeon as well.

EA seems to have rushed the game and left out some polishing. It is good if they take time and make perfect optimization for all types of hardware. This way many people can enjoy it. If the games are run better on a wider range of systems, the purchase rate also goes higher.

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