Nokia C1 Plus with Android 10 Go Launched in Nepal: Price, Specs

Nokia C1 Plus Price in Nepal

Nokia has a lot of smartphones in different segments of the market. They have products in the budget, mid-range, and flagship segment. Now, the company has launched Nokia C1 Plus in the entry-level market. This is a sub 10K phone, which means it costs less than $100. It is a basic smartphone and probably the cheapest 4G smartphone on the market. The C1 Plus runs with Android Go and basic hardware. It is a phone that can bring 4G to people with a low budget and in rural places. Nepal is one of the first countries to get the Nokia C1 Plus.

The company recently launched Nokia 3.4 in the Nepali market, and it was a budget smartphone under Rs 20K. Those phones are also popular for a lower price and decent hardware. However, smartphones like Nokia C1 Plus are in a different category. These phones target different consumers. It is an ultra low budget smartphone preferable by starters and people who need a secondary phone. The C1 Plus has very little hardware resources, and therefore it runs with light software Android 10 Go edition. There is 4G support in the smartphone. Therefore it can be a great option for people in rural places and people who don’t want to spend more.

Nokia C1 Plus Specifications and Overview

  • Display: 5.45 Inches IPS LCD Screen
    • Resolution: 720×1440
  • SoC: Quad-Core
    • CPU Frequency: 1.4 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Storage: 16 GB eMMC 5.1 Internal, micro SD card support
  • Battery: 2500 mAh Lithium-Ion
  • Back Camera: 5 Megapixels (1280x720p)
  • Front Camera: 5 Megapixels (1280x720p)
  • OS: Android 10 Go Editions
  • Connectivity: microUSB 2.0, 3.5mm headphone jack

Build and Design

Nokia C1 Plus has a similar design to other phones from the C series. It has a polycarbonate build with rounded sides and edges. The phone looks similar to other models such as Nokia C1 and C2. On the front side, there is a 5.45″ screen with a chin and forehead. The chin has Nokia branding, and the forehead has, front camera, LED flash, and speaker grill. Backside is plain with one camera, LED flash, and company logo. The headphone jack is at the top, and the USB port is at the bottom. It is a very simple looking phone with a lightweight and small build.

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Core Internal Hardware

Nokia C1 Plus has a low power quad core processor with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB storage. The processor is clocked at 1.4 GHz, and it is not that powerful. Memory size is also a bare minimum. In the case of storage, there is support for micro SD card expansion. C1 Plus has low-end specifications, and therefore it runs on the lightest operating system. There is Android 10 Go edition in the smartphone. It is a very light OS and takes minimal resources. There are few phones in the Nepali market with Android Go OS. It was specially made by Google for phones like this. In order to get a better experience, people can download Lite apps from Play Store to sacrifice less resources. Google has many lite versions of its applications.

This smartphone is quite small and has a smaller screen and a low powered processor. Similarly, the battery is small at 2500 mAh. It is a one-day battery for normal light usage. C1 Plus supports both 3G and 4G, so it is a good phone. However, do keep an eye when you are browsing with 4G data. Battery life highly depends on network type and strength. If you are on WiFi, the consumption is less. But in case of a weak 4G signal, the battery use is high.

Screen and Camera

The front side of the Nokia C1 Plus has a 5.45″ IPS LCD panel. It has an HD+ resolution and an 18:9 aspect ratio. This looks good in a budget phone. There is a small screen, high resolution, more pixel density, and no notch. It gives a good experience for watching movies, videos, and content consumption. Above the screen, there is a 5 MP selfie camera with an LED flash. It also helps in face unlock. There is no fingerprint scanner in C1 Plus, so face unlock is the way to go here. On the backside, there is one 5 MP camera with LED flash in a pill shape layout. Both of these cameras peak out at a maximum video recording resolution of 1280×720 at 30 fps.

Nokia C1 Plus Price in Nepal

There is only one variant of this phone with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB storage. In the case of colors, there are two options Blue and Red options. Nokia C1 Plus price in Nepal is Rs 8,399 for 1/16 GB variant. It is available in all retail stores and official showrooms.

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