Nokia Mobile Phones in Nepal- Comeback of legend

Paramount Electronics has brought Nokia brand in Nepal. They are the official distributors for Nokia phones in Nepal. HMD Global has a 10 year deal for manufacturing Nokia Branded smartphones. Nokia had a huge downfall because it didn’t catch the Android train. Now they are back riding this new train.

Nokia phones were already in the market for years. They took on the market since Nokia 1100. These phones were durable, functional cheap. Lumia phones with Windows are still available in the market. Windows phones don’t hold much market share in Nepal or globally. Biggest issue with Windows OS is app availability.

Nokia launched new revised 3310 by polishing old hero. People are very happy to see their favorite company back. They like the new phones and hope they will see better phones in future. Company is racing now with big players now. They now have to compete for price, specs, design to win.


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As we know, biggest market or demand is from budget range. Company needs to focus more in the budget tier market. They are doing so with starting range phones with Nokia 3. Actually Nokia is expanding its portfolio with higher segment phones as well. In terms of pricing we are happy to see nominal difference in international price and price in Nepal.

Nokia assures people of having high quality build, features in affordable price tag. Paramount came with Nokia 3310, Nokia 3,5 and 6 to the market. They stated, that more phone are coming soon. Nepali consumers will surely get more phones, choice and opportunity to buy genuine Nokia phones in Nepal.

People absolutely love and trust Nokia brand for their quality and durability. It is because of their past products. They have huge loyal users base and if they build the correct phone at right price, the opportunities are huge.


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