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Nepal Telecom (NTC) is the biggest and oldest telecom company in Nepal. It has been providing mobile phone service for a long time. They have gone through many changes and they have performed many upgrades. So as the demand of time, NTC now has mobile data packs. People now need more internet data than ever to stay connected. Instead of unlimited or pay as you go service, people want cheaper data packs. So here in this article, we have all the details of the available NTC Data pack with their price, volume, validity, and subscription process.

Smartphone users want a lot of data these days. It can be for communication, chatting, video calls, social media update, work, and entertainment. People do work on their phones, send files, emails and perform internet demanding tasks. Some people also take online classes, tutorials, and while some also play games. Therefore many mobile phone users demand data packs. Unlike the pay per usage (PAYG) system, data packs have limited data volume for a certain amount of time but they are much cheaper. So people prefer them a lot.

There are multiple schemes of data pack in NTC. They are unlimited, limited, time-bound, application-specific, and use-specific. For example, there is a social media pack, night data pack, unlimited data pack, and many more. So we will explain all the NTC internet package for mobile in brief.


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Pay as you go (PAYG)

This is the default NTC data service for all users. In this system, all Nepal Telecom GSM service users can access internet or mobile data and pay later. It is applicable in GPRS, EDGE, 3G, and 4G networks. (PAYG) or pay as you go means, the money is deducted as the data is consumed. It means there is no limit in consumption and you are charged later or at the time of use. So if you just turn on your mobile data on your smartphone, the money is deducted just as the apps use data.

The price of PAYG or default mobile internet is Rs 1 per 1 MB. So it is a very simple calculation for short and small use. Suppose you just need to check your email a few times a day, then it is great. However, it becomes expensive when you have to use lots of mobile data. Moreover, in comparison to data packs, you get less MB for the money. Simple meaning, you can get more volume with packages.

A few years back, people needed to go to the NTC office and register their numbers to enable Edge and GPRS service. However these days, internet activation can be done just through USSD code and SMS.


NTC Data Pack Price, Volume, Validity and Subscription

After the PAYG system, there is the data pack system where users can pay a certain amount of money and buy a certain amount of data for a limited amount of time. Most people usually have prepaid SIM cards, so this means you need to select an appropriate package then the money will be deducted from the balance. As soon as the balance is deducted, the package is activated and a set data volume is made available for a limited time.

The easiest way to purchase any NTC data pack, NTC voice pack, or SMS pack is using the Nepal Telecom App. Just download the app, signup and select the package you need, and activate it. You can also easily see the usage with the mobile application.

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NTC Unlimited Data Pack

Nepal Telecom actually provides some unlimited internet packages. They are categorized for night time, day time, and hourly. Some of these packages have fair use policy (FUP) or simply bandwidth restrictions. As the name says, the packages are unlimited but the speed may be throttled after consuming a certain volume.


In the case of a 1 Mbps unlimited daytime pack, the use time is 5 AM to 5 PM and the speed limit is 1 Mbps. Similarly, for the hourly NTC net pack, the limit is 2 GB and after that, the speed is reduced to 512 Kbps. Just like that people can use 1 GB of data at high speed in the night time unlimited package but after that, speed is reduced to 256 Kbps.

Unlimited HourlyRs 201 Hour*1415#
Unlimited HourlyRs 302 Hours*1415#
Unlimited Day (Stay Connected at 1 Mbps)Rs 395 AM – 5 PM*1415*10#

NTC Night Data Pack

There are quite a few types of service for the nighttime. Some have limited data and some have limited time. So please have a look at the details before purchasing the service.

Unlimited Night (1 GB)Rs 201 Night
500 MBRs 121 Day (11 PM – 6 AM)

NTC Social Media Pack

These are special for mobile users who use a lot of social media sites. Some people need to work on social media sites for work, business, and Social Media Marketing (SMM). On the other hand, some people like to update everything online. So this scheme is special for those users.

Unlimited Facebook PackRs 553 Days
Unlimited YouTube PackRs 553 Days
1 GB Facebook/YouTube (Add-On Pack)Rs 153 Days
Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter PackRs 151 Day
4 GB All Data + 1 GB/Day (Facebook & YouTube) (11 GB Total)Rs 1807 Days
10 GB All Data + 1 GB/Day (Facebook & YouTube) (38 GB Total)Rs 59928 Days

Sajilo Prepaid Pack

The word “Sajilo” means easy. This is a simple and easy scheme for both prepaid and postpaid GSM users of Nepal Telecom that provides unlimited daily data. This scheme consists of three sub-schemes which include combo pack, unlimited basic pack, and unlimited add-on pack. Each sub-scheme has a separate data package to choose from.

Sajilo Unlimited 1GB/Day Data PackRs 59928 Days64 Kbps after 1 GB limit
Sajilo Unlimited NT-NT Voice PackRs 59928 Days
Sajilo Unlimited Add-On Data Pack (For Voice Pack)Rs 29930 Days64 Kbps after 1 GB limit

There is a Sasto Combo Pack at Rs 299 which provides 150 minutes of call, 1.5 GB data, and 15 SMS for 28 days only. In addition to the unlimited packs, there are add-ons as well. All the below-mentioned add-on are valid for all Sajilo Prepaid basic packs.

1 GBRs 301 Day
2 GBRs 401 Day
4 GBRs 501 Day

All Time Data Pack

This is one of the biggest sub-scheme which has a lot of packages. All time sub-scheme scheme is under a lot of scheme and offers. It is quite confusing in the company’s app. By the way, the data volume starts from small and can go quite big. It is also included under the category of “GB per day”.

DataPriceValiditySubscription/SMS Code
150 MBRs 151 DayData150MB
350 MBRs 251 DayData300MB
500MBRs 603 DaysData500MB
1 GBRs 451 Day*1415#
2 GBRs 551 Day*1415#
1.5 GBRs 957 DaysDATA1500MB
3 GBRs 28028 DaysDATA3GB
8 GBRs 50028 DaysDATA8GB
16 GBRs 80028 DaysDATA16GB

Large Data Pack

This is the scheme that provides a big volume of mobile internet to the users. These schemes provide a large amount of data that can be used for many demanding tasks. The large volumes can also be purchased and used in a 4G dongle to use the internet on computers or from a 4G router.

30 GBRs 160060 Days
60 GBRs 3000120 Days

4G Data Schemes

Many of the schemes are applicable for all networks such as 2G, 3G, and 4G. But there are some schemes that are only applicable for 4G users. This is to improve data consumption with increasing 4G penetration and adoption. Therefore in order to purchase and enjoy these packages, you need to have a 4G SIM card from Nepal Telecom.

100 MB + 100 MB (Bonus)Rs 151 Day
200 MB + 200 MB (Bonus)Rs 251 Day
1 GB + 1 GB (Bonus)Rs 1007 Days
2 GB + 2 GB (Bonus)Rs 28028 Days

Stay Connected

This is another scheme that provides limited mobile data to NTC GSM users. In addition to the normal volume, the company also provides additional data.

1 GB All Network + Bonus 3GB (4G)Rs 1005 Days
1 GB All Network + Bonus 3GB (4G)+ 100 Minutes CallRs 1255 Days
2 GB All Network + Bonus 8 GB (4G)Rs 2007 Days

Online learning e-Shikshya Package

The eShikshya package is an online learning scheme specially made for Nepali students and teachers of all academic institutions over Nepal. By academic institutions, Nepal Telecom means schools, colleges, and universities inside Nepal. NTC is providing these high-volume data packs in subsidy for academic purposes. The packages in the e-Sikshya scheme work in all networks that include 2G, 3G, and 4G.

6 GBRs 2603GB All-time + 3GB (5 AM-5 PM)28 Days
15 GBRs 5009GB All-time + 6GB (5 AM-5 PM)28 Days

In order to subscribe e-Shikshya package, the academic institution needs to apply with the necessary details and mobile phone numbers of beneficiaries. After NTC approves the request and phone number, eligible users get an SMS from 1422. Finally after becoming eligible, students and teachers can dial *1441# to purchase the appropriate data volume.


How to buy the NTC data pack?

Nepal Telecom GSM mobile phone users can easily subscribe to multiple data packs using various methods. Both pre-paid and post-paid users can follow these processes. Here in our guide, we are not discussing the method of obtaining NTC packs for CDMA because that is End-of-life (EOL) technology. Nepal Telecom is finally going to convert all CDMA users to GSM subscribers.

Mainly there are three methods of purchasing different Namaste data pack. They are using the mobile app, using SMS, and using USSD. The simplest method is using USSD because it can be done with one simple code. There is also one more method of purchasing the packages using the online portal of NTC. So here are all the methods to purchase the service.

  1. Nepal Telecom Mobile App
    • Download the app from Android’s Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.
    • Login to the application by signing up using your phone number and information.
    • Navigate to the “Buy Packs” section in the app.
    • Select Package, sub package type and exact data package.
    • Purchase the required package from the balance.
  2. NTC Online Portal
    • Signup or log in to the NTC Self Care Portal from the company website.
    • Navigate and select the data pack you need.
    • Enter your phone number and provide the OTP sent to that number to purchase.
  3. Dialing USSD Code
    • Just dial *1415# and selct the offer or scheme you like then choose the package.
  4. Sending SMS Code
    • Send SMS code to 1415 for the package you like. The NTC data pack code should be exact to avail the service.

How to check the remaining volume of the data?

It is very important to monitor your usage when you are on limited mobile data. You can use the stats on your smartphone but the best way is to get usage data from NTC itself. There are a few ways to check the remaining volume of the data pack in NTC mobile numbers.

  1. Dial *1415*55# and see the remaining data volume for the current subscription.
  2. Type “Vl” and send SMS to 1415.
  3. Use the Nepal Telecom Mobile Application.
  4. Through NTC Self Care online portal.

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