NTC ADSL to NTC FTTH Migration: How to install Nepal Telecom Fiber and Upgrade

Nepal Telecom NTC FTTH Router

Nepal Telecom (NTC) started its ADSL service back in 2065 BS. It is a technology that is based on telephone copper wires. The reason for its popularity is the broad reach of PSTN services in Nepal and easier internet installation. Nepal Telecom is also providing FTTH service in Nepal since 2072. The company is rapidly expanding its fiber network and providing NTC FTTH migration service all around Nepal. I have also been an ADSL subscriber from 2068 and I have also upgraded to fiber service. So this is a detailed guide on how to install NTC fiber or how to upgrade to NTC FTTH from ADSL.

I am also one of the longest PSTN and ADSL subscribers and I have seen its ups and downs. I have been waiting for the FTTH to come to my area for a long time. So, just after they installed the box outside my home, I started following the development and upgrade process. There are a lot of things in the upgrade and new connection installation process.

NTC is providing broadband internet, telephone, and television service all from a single fiber cable. There are three services in a single connection and this is what makes them attractive. Nepal Telecom is replacing the older copper telephone lines with optical fiber all around Nepal. This is the latest technology and the company is migrating its customers rapidly. However, FTTH is still not available in every place.


ADSL to NTC FTTH Migration: Planned Upgrade and Request

Nepal Telecom is using different approaches in different places. This is a bit confusing and it requires some clearance. I have been following Nepal Telecom’s FTTH service expansion news closely. I have also discussed quite a lot about expansion with users, friends, beneficiaries, and staff. NTC is upgrading its services and the first thing is replacing copper telephone wires with optical fiber. The company is installing optical fiber all across Nepal and shifting users to the new service. However, there are two things happening. In the first case, when the NTC expands FTTH infrastructure to a place where there are old users of ADSL and PSTN, they automatically upgrade their service.

In the first case, the company is performing migration voluntarily where they call and directly go to the user’s home and replace their connection. It means a user may not have put a request for an upgrade but NTC staff automatically upgrade the service. In this case, the 5 Mbps ADSL package is automatically upgraded to an 8 Mbps FTTH package. In some cases, the phone number is changed. Remember that not all phone numbers are changed.

The second case is where an old customer has to go to the nearest office and fill and form to request for upgrade and migration. For both requests and automatic upgrades of old customers, NTC is providing discounts. Charges are different for taking new connections. Here in this article, we will focus on migration and upgrade.

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How to upgrade from NTC ADSL to Fiber?

If staff from the office contact you or come to your home to upgrade your connection then there is nothing to do. For all other people, follow the below-given steps to upgrade from NTC ADSL to NTC FTTH.

  • Find out about the availability of Nepal Telecom’s optical fiber and connection box in your location. You can ask the nearest office or search for “NTC Fiber” box near your home. See for box with compan’s logo or ask nearby people who might know.
  • After you find the box, note down the numbers wrtitten on it. The number are two part and they are mostly written one above other. For example (30 10, 31 22, 32 05, 33 19) These set of numbers help staffs to identify their location and availability.
Nepal Telecom Fiber Optical Termination Box in a Electrical Pole
Nepal Telecom Fiber Optical Termination Box in an Electrical Pole
  • Take the box number and estimate the length of cable needed for making connection from box to the room. Make sure that box is near and there are less bends or no bends in the way.
  • Fill a request form for FTTH connection at the office with required details. The form requires signature, latest passport size photograph and copy of citizenship of the owner.
  • If you can’t provide box number or cable length, the office will send site staffs for estimate.
  • The CPE and drop cable of maximum 100m are free for first time installation or upgrade.
  • If you already have balance on existing ADSL package, it will be transfered to the new package of fiber.
  • The basic package for ADSL migrated users is 8 Mbps at Rs 800 per month.
  • After form submission and process is completed, you will receive drop cable and router from office.
  • Site staff and line men will arrive at your location for installation and activation.

Landline or PSTN Upgrade and Phone Number change in FTTH

Many news sources and sites state that the phone number of existing landline users are subject to change after upgrading to FTTH from copper wire. This thing is actually partially true. I found out that only some phone numbers are subject to change. NTC doesn’t change every phone number during the upgrade. This actually depends on the place you live and the existing infrastructure. The customers of a place that has ADSL and PSTN using ONU from the past don’t need to worry about number change.

For example, the phone number of a few people I know have changed in some places in Kathmandu. However, other people who live in my area have the same numbers even after migration. This even includes two different number systems such as numbers starting from 411 and 510. The 411 numbers are from one locality and 510 is from a different locality.

If by any chance, NTC changes the phone number of your landline or PSTN service, an announcement will be put. The announcement will play on the old number regarding the change if anyone calls on it. Also, you can request the office at the office to provide an easy number. It is not official but the staffs do understand and help.


So, if you have one telephone set in your home there is no confusion. However if you have an extension then also there is no issue. You can put extension telephone sets in other rooms as well without paying extra. For example, if you have a set in the drawing-room and one in the kitchen you can just keep them in parallel. Just divide the output coming from the router and take the wires to the required rooms. Don’t take the line from the second telephone output.

Cost of Connection, CPE, Drop Cable

According to information on Nepal Telecom’s website, the company is providing free upgrades to existing ADSL and PSTN/Telephone service users. However, I paid Rs 2850 for 3 months of 15 Mbps package that comes with free telephone as well. As of 1st Kartik 2078, the 15 Mbps package is replaced with 25 Mbps package. This is one of the best packages for people who have landlines and ADSL. Else there is still the 8 Mbps at Rs 800 or the same cost as ADSL. There are many other plans available as well. You can choose them at the office while upgrading. Be very careful and choose the correct package because there rental charges in some packages. Please read our article on NTC FTTH price, package, and offers for more details.

In the case of a new connection, there are different prices for each part. The cost of a new set of FTTH router is Rs 2825. The price of installation of NTFiber CPE with 1 telephone is Rs 1165. In case you need two telephone lines, then the installation charge is Rs 1830 else if you don’t need a telephone then the installation charge is just Rs 500.

I am an old user so I also had some balance of ADSL and landline telephone. All those are merged and transferred to the new plan. The PSTN balance or advance amount gets transferred to the new balance for voice service through FTTH. If there is any confusion regarding balance, the officers will clear out things at the office as well.


After all the process is completed in the sales department of the office, you are provided with a new bill that includes your customer ID. Keep that safe because it is necessary to pay bills online next time. Else one can always come to counters and pay at the office.

Installation Procedure

After completion of all processes, and payment, the sales department or store department provides you with a piece of new Customer-premises equipment (CPE) or router and roll of drop fiber cable. The router needs no settings and it is already configured. All the details of admin login and WiFi will be provided on the equipment’s back. NTC also provides free fiber cable roll as necessary. They provide 30m, 50m, 100m according to estimate, need and demand. So, all we need to do is take the router and cable to the home. The linemen are informed by the office and they will arrive at your location after a while or the next day. The office provides a contact number of lineman so we can call them for installation and they also provide some phone numbers of office for settings.

NT FTTH Drop Fiber Cable and CPE Box with router
NT FTTH Drop Fiber Cable and CPE Box with router

Things to take care during installation and upgrade

  • Make sure there is entrance point or hole on the window or door frame that can fit the drop fiber cable’s terminated end. The optical fiber cable is fragile and can’t be altered. Therefore the terminated ends should be safely inserted inside the entry point at home.
  • Place the router in a well ventilated location. It is better to place the router at a location that falls in center of all rooms so that WiFi is equally distributed.
  • Make sure that you have good power supply near the router installation place. Unlike ADSL, the voice in FTTH service bifurcates from back of the CPE or router. Therefore it is important to have inverter or UPS supply to enjoy uninterrupted internet and call.
  • After installation is completed, the lineman calls NTC office to activate the service. So make sure about everything. Check the telephone service and internet speed before confirming. It is better to clear out things before site staffs leave.
  • It is better to change WiFi password, name, admin login password of CPE after installation. In order to know more details, read our guide on how to configure the NTC FTTH router as you need.

NTC FTTH Migration and Inevitable Upgrade

Nepal Telecom is fully shifting its entire system to digital and powerful technology. They will replace ADSL completely in the future. Still, NTC is providing service through the copper wire in many places because it is rugged and easy to connect in rural places. However, FTTH will take over eventually and everything will be upgraded. Therefore if the office calls you for an upgrade, it is better to accept and go with the latest technology. Also if you are still using ADSL and want better speed, be proactive and request an upgrade.


There are many benefits of service with optical fiber. The voice or telephone comes through a digital IP system and internet speed is also higher. Optical fibers can provide speeds of gigabits per second also. Moreover, Nepal Telecom is providing TV services as well. So users can enjoy three services from one connection.

I hope this guide helps you understand the process and costs associated with it. If there is any query, do drop a comment so that we can address it and add to our article.

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