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Nepal Telecom’s FTTC (Fiber to the Home) service is now catching up speed. The company introduced this service few years ago for limited locations only. The tariff was also very high compared to private ISP. Now from this month they are expanding their fiber network and also decreasing prices. NTC and the government is planning to upgrade company’s infrastructures, so fiber is obviously the future.

The company is providing both high speed internet and land line service over the FTTH package. So users get all the benefits of ADSL and even more on top. As per current pricing the service is cheaper and better. According to some data of internet users in Nepal, most users are using Mobile Data. In second, the highest users are using internet via fiber. This is where NTC is going to improve from now on using FTTH.

NTC has minimal fiber network coverage as of now. They are now expanding it all over Kathmandu and other major cities in future. The fiber expansion is a very big project if they plan to replace whole of their old landline network with FTTH. All the major competitors are have already expanded their optical network in major locations. So Nepal Telecom has to compete with them. They are one step ahead as they have one of the cheapest starting basic package.


NTC FTTH New Price

Before the price update on 2018/05/16, the cost was very high and unreasonable. Now it is cheaper than ADSL and many other competitor’s basic package. They didn’t have unlimited packages but now they do. The starting package is 8 Mbps for home users. There are two types of service, one is for home users and next is for corporate users. Home users can get up to 55 Mbps from now on at just Rs 16000 for whole year. These are the new updated price of Nepal Telecom NTC FTTH service.

  • 8 Mbps-   Rs 700/month, Rs 7000/Year
  • 18 Mbps- Rs 7000/Half Year, Rs 12000/Year
  • 35 Mbps- Rs 8000/Half Year, Rs 14000/Year
  • 55 Mbps- Rs 9000/Half Year, Rs 16000/Year

For Corporate Users NTC has following tariff for FTTH services.

  • 10 Mbps- Rs 30000/Year, Rs 16000/Half Year
  • 20 Mbps- Rs 60000/Year, Rs 32000/Half Year

For normal home users, the 8 Mbps pack is enough and paying for whole year at once gives good value due to discount. Considering old ADSL price, 18 Mbps is the equivalent service they can get for their price. It is good to see that their base pack is more than ADSL 5 Mbps service. FTTH is providing more bandwidth at same price which is a good attraction to migrate users.


NTC is also planning to provide IPTV and VOD service in future. This IPTV plan was few years ago but it is still in pipeline. The ambitions are high and good but the implementation is very slow. At least this is a very positive step by the company and lets see how this one goes. If you are one of the users with this service, tell us your experience so that we can share it.

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