InFocus Mobiles Price in Nepal
InFocus Mobiles Price in Nepal

InFocus is an American company based on Oregon. They manufacture smartphones, projectors, tablets and many other products. The company came to Nepal few years ago and they have quite a bit of phones in market. Prism Technologies is the official distributor for Nepal. Many people are interested in InFocus products. So, this is the list of latest official Infocus mobiles price in Nepal.

There are lots of Chinese, Korean, Japanese companies in Nepal. In package, there are many Asian mobile companies in Nepal. There are very few American or European companies in market. InFocus is one of the the American companies in Nepal. They have quite good range of products in portfolio.

The company sells smartphone from lower budget entry level to upper mid range in market. Most companies sell their phones in same price category. It is because this is the biggest price segment. Here is the price list of InFocus mobiles in Nepal.

Epic 1 Rs 21,490
InFocus M808i Rs 19,990
M680 Rs 19,990 (2 GB), Rs 21,490 (3 GB)
Infocus M535 Rs 17,490 (2 GB), Rs 19,990 (3 GB)
M370 Rs 10,000 (1 GB), Rs 13,990 (2 GB)
Infocus Bingo 20 Rs 8,999
Turbo 5 Rs 18,999 Estimated
Snap 4 Rs 25,999 Estimated
Vision 3 Coming Soon



Company is adding new phones slowly compared to others. Epic 1 is one of the best offering from InFocus. They are also now moving to tall aspect ratio like others. Mainly the company uses Mediatek chipset and sometimes they also have Snapdragon SOC. In case of M680, there are two models with different RAM but same storage. Model M35 also has same storage just different. Only InFocus M370 has different memory and storage models. RAM models.

Wrap Up

Bingo B20 is a starter entry level hone under 10k price. Except that, all other phones are upper budget or entry mid level segment. InFocus is a good brand of USA and they have good collection of entry to mid range phones. Build quality of their phones are moderate.

Their new phones like Vision 3 are great in terms of design and specs. If you are planning to buy phones in this price bracket, they are sure worth having a look. Do share your experience on InFocus with us to help others.. This page is regularly updated so keep a look.

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