Official Latest Samsung TV Price in Nepal: HD, 4K, QLED

Latest Samsung TV Price in Nepal

Samsung is a leader in display technology and TV market is no exception. They have a huge market in Nepal as well. Samsung sells televisions, smartphones, and other consumer electronics. They are very popular for their quality and have high brand value. They have LCD, LED, OLED, Micro OLED, QLED and many other types of display. Each has its own pros and cons. Nepali market has a lot of these choices and here we have the full list of latest Samsung TV Price in Nepal. This is to help readers and new customers get an idea of the market.

This Korean giant is a world leader in the TV market. Mainly their AMOLED screen is appreciated by everyone. They supply display to other companies like Apple as well. They have all types of screens and display for every industry. The quality and resolution range anywhere from SD to 8K. Their televisions set also come in different format and sizes. Price range is also very wide just like their product portfolio.

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We all want better electronics at a reasonable price. Samsung doing this by matching the price of products with international prices. Every customer wants better after-sale service. Good service center, spare parts availability, home repair service, and broad user base are things that every customer needs. In the market, there are many Samsung television set range in terms of quality such as HD, FHD, SUHD, 4K, UHD, QLED, Smart, and Curved.

Samsung TV Price List

These are the price of all the latest television sets.

Model NamePrice
UA24H4003ARSHERs 24,490
UA32N4003ARSHERs 37,190
UA32N4000ARSHERs 41,990
UA32N4300ARSHERs 52,790
UA40N5000ARSHERs 65,990
UA43N5300ARSHERs 83,990
UA43NU7100RSHERs 1,04,990
UA43MU6100RSHERs 1,04,990
UA49N5300ARSHERs 1,14,990
UA49M6300ARSHERs 1,49,990
UA49NU7100RSHERs 1,59,990
UA55NU7100RSHERs 1,83,990
UA65NU7100RSHERs 2,79,990
QA55Q7FNARXHERs 4,99,990
UA75NU8000KXHERs 6,69,990
QA65Q7FNARXHERs 7,49,990

Every company names its model number with a complex combination of letters and numbers. However, they are important for SKU and it gives a lot of information. Here the third and fourth numbers of model number tell about the screen size. A front first letter such as Q can signify that panel is QLED. For example “QA65Q7FNARXHE” means it is 65″ QLED television. Similarly “UA24H4003ARSHE” means 24″ set. Their monitor naming scheme is also the same. We also have a list of Samsung Monitors price in Nepal in another article. Below we have listed the above-given models with more details and classification.


LED TV Models

Samsung LED TV price in Nepal consists mainly of the cost of HD and  FHD sets. These are the starting level television sets with HD or high definition resolution. They are cheaper and give good viewing experience. Commonly HD resolution means 1280×720. However, 1366×768 is an also very popular resolution and manufacturers use this mainly. This resolution is only good up to 32 inch. But we do recommend purchasing FHD panels. LED screens are such display system which use LED backlight array to provide light.

Model NumberScreen SizePrice
UA24H4003ARSHE24″Rs 24,490
UA32N4003ARSHE32″Rs 37,190
UA32N4000ARSHE32″Rs 41,990
UA32N4300ARSHE32″Rs 52,790

Normal models are good for watching channels using service from set-top box and cable. There are some expensive models and they are Smart TV. The Smart LED TVs have features such as WiFi, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even web browsers. Online streaming services like Netflix can also be enjoyed in entry-level models if there are WiFi and Smart features.

(FHD) Full HD TV

1920×1080 is known as FHD or full HD resolution. This is very standard and best for screens above 21″ size. Mostly 42″ TV and above sizes are HD ready in the industry. We highly recommend everyone to at least target this quality. Images come out very sharp, video files size also match and contents look amazing. Here is the price of Full HD Samsung LED televisions in Nepal.

Model NumberScreen SizePrice
UA40N5000ARSHE40″Rs 65,990
UA43N5300ARSHE43″Rs 83,990
UA49N5300ARSHE49″Rs 1,14,990
UA49M6300ARSHE49″ CurvedRs 1,49,990

There is a substantial difference between 1080p and 720p display. If you are a player who users televisions for playing gaming using consoles, you will find a difference. Full HD graphics look too much better with higher details and sharpness. By the way, as there are many pixels, it does take more computational and graphics power.



Samsung sells Ultra HD televisions in Nepal and they are luxury products. UHD or Ultra High Definition includes 4K and 8K resolution. 4K means 3840×2160 pixels in general. There are a lot of pixels in this popular resolution and the pictures come out very sharp. It is great for big screen display. Even while watching from a close distance, the pixels look amazing. People can also get 10-bit color depth and HDR in UHD realm. The screens with higher brightness, HDR rating, and smart features are comparatively more expensive. But if you are already in the price spot, it is better to get the best technology and features.

Model NumberScreen SizePrice
UA43NU7100RSHE43″Rs 1,04,990
UA43MU6100RSHE 43″Rs 1,04,990
UA49NU7100RSHE49″Rs 1,59,990
UA55NU7100RSHE55″Rs 1,83,990
UA65NU7100RSHE65″Rs 2,79,990
UA75NU8000KXHE75″Rs 6,69,990

Samsung QLED TV Models

QLED stands for Quantum Dot LED and this is new technology. It is very different from OLED. Simply there are quantum dots inside a layer in the screen. When light hits them, they produce color. This is a bit better than a normal backlit LED system because there are more colors. Most importantly blacks are deeper, contrast is better and the dynamic range is also better. Samsung sells these QLED TVs in Nepal and they are among the top-end models. These are certainly not cheap but they have Smart features and high resolution.

Model NumberScreen SizePrice
QA55Q7FNARXHE55″Rs 4,99,990
QA65Q7FNARXHE65″Rs 7,49,990

Advice, Idea, and Suggestions

Our comprehensive list of all Samsung TV price in Nepal should have given you a lot of idea about the market. These are MRP and customers can expect to get better deals. The company regularly runs different campaigns and schemes on different occasions and seasons. If you know all about the technical specifications of gadget then it can be easy for you. Still, do check reviews online to know the product more. In our view, it is better to buy in a showroom because you can experience the true picture quality in real life.

So, if you want to purchase a cheap and affordable Samsung television for your home, a 32″ HD TV can be good. But we highly recommend looking for 1920×1080 screens. Therefore you have to look in the FHD section and that means a minimum of 40″ screen size. Always be considerate of your room size and viewing distance before making a purchase. Big screens are only good when there is good clear viewing distance. Looking at a big display from a shorter distance makes it hard to watch and also don’t justify the quality and size.


When in the higher-end luxury TV section, it is better to go for 4K UHD panels. They provide higher brightness and better HDR. Premium UHD Samsung television models have 1000 nits peak brightness, HDR10+ rating, wider viewing angle, and amazing smart features. Curved monitors and display also look amazing and can provide a pretty good experience. To get the maximum experience, we recommend investing in good sound systems like subwoofers or soundbars.

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