Latest Samsung TV Price in Nepal
Latest Samsung TV Price in Nepal

Samsung has dominance over smartphone market globally. They have the same coverage in Nepal for other consumer electronics also. TV market in Nepal has many brands like LG, Sony, Panasonic etc. Among all of them Samsung is doing better all the ways. They have  televisions ranging from few thousands to lakhs. This includes normal LED to new QLED Smart TV. So to help everyone, we have brought the Official Latest Samsung TV Price in Nepal.

This Korean giant is a world leader in display technology. Their AMOLED screen is loved by everyone. They supply display to other companies like Apple and many more. Samsung is pioneering in TV lineup by improving color accuracy, embracing HDR, 8K and reducing price.

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We all want better electronics at cheaper price. They are delivering a lot of products in Nepal like RAM, Mobiles and other CE items  at reasonable rate. Best part of Samsung is their service center, parts availability and broad user base. By the way giants like Sony, LG, Panasonic also have fantastic products like Bravia with Triluminous display and other technology. Below in the table, we have listed all the available Samsung TV with their MRP in Nepal.


Television Models Price
Rs 8,99,990
Rs 4,99,990
55KS9000 Rs 4,19,000
Rs 2,85,990
UA55K6300ARSHE Rs 2,14,990
UA49M6300ARSHE Rs 1,49,990
UA55M6300ARSHE Rs 2,14,990
UA50KU6000ARSHE Rs 1,59,990
UA50MU6100ARSHE Rs 1,59,990
UA43MU6100ARSHE Rs 99,990
UA55M5500ARSHE Rs 1,79,990
UA49K5300ARSHE Rs 1,14,990
UA43K5300AR Rs 79,990
UA43M5500AR Rs 79,990
Rs 50,990
UA32M4300ARSHE Rs 50,990
UA43M5100ARSHE Rs 76,490
UA43K5100ARSHE Rs 76,490
UA40M5000ARSHE Rs 66,990
UA40K5100ARSHE Rs 66,990
UA32M4200ARSHE Rs 44,990
UA32M4100ARSHE Rs 44,990
UA32M4010ARSHE Rs 39,990
UA32M4000ARSHE Rs 39,990
UA32K4000ARSHE Rs 39,990
UA32FH4003ARSHE Rs 35,390
UA24H4003ARSHE Rs 23,390


Looking the models, we can see that they don’t have easy or attractive name like phones do. It doesn’t matter by the way because people mostly don’t care about name. Its what quality that matters the most. Anyways for simply finding the size of screen, we can get hint from the name. For example UA-24H4003 is a 24” panel while UA55K63000 is a 55” one. So people can easily guess from the name or model name.


Almost every above listed models have Triple Protection feature. This includes Lightning Protector, surge and humidity protector. They are also featuring Mega dynamic contrast ratio which gives contrast of 5,000,000:1. It ensures people can enjoy amazing colors with deep dark blacks and bright vivid other colors.

USB Movie, sports mode and hyper real engine are very common on all sets. Smart LED sets like UA32K4300AR has Joy beat integrated sound system, quad core processor and Tizen OS. On high end models above people can enjoy brightness up to 300 nits with newer IoT features as well.

The new gen Curved Smart TV have amazing experience to provide. We will keep this article updated so keep checking with us and supporting us.

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