Official Latest TCL (TV) Televisions prices in Nepal

Latest TCL TV price in Nepal

TCL is a world famous Chinese electronics manufacturer. They have products all over the globe. One of the main product is their TV or Televisions. TCL is one of the leading TV seller in USA and they are very popular in Nepal as well. This is because they have pretty good Televisions with attractive design, specs at reasonable price. Many people like their panels so this is the official latest TCL (TV) Televisions prices in Nepal.In Nepal, CG (Chaudhary Group) sells TCL products. CG actually handles distribution of other brands like LG as well. CG also have their own TV lineup as well. TCL is one of the company that has very good 4K panels in a brilliant budget point. These days 1080p display is a minimum where as 4K is top line choice and 8K is the elite.

Nepali people usually buy Full HD sets and we also suggest you to at-least have FHD displays to enjoy new digital TV services. TCL has many series of TVs and they include 4K HDR sets, Smart series, Curved panels and normal LED. They also categorize their lineup in numbered series like 1-6.

They have a good track record of customer satisfaction and quality. We have heard good reviews and feedback from consumers and other reviewers. Still you should check the TV yourself for both build and picture quality before buying. So if you are interested this is the list of latest TCL TV price in Nepal.

20D2710Rs 15,490
24D2710Rs 20,490
32D2900Rs 29,790
32S6Rs 36,790
40D2730BRs 47,790
40D2900Rs 49,590
40S62Rs 55,090
43S2930Rs 62,690
40D2730ARs 67,490
43P2Rs 78,190
55S62Rs 87,990
49P3FSRs 90,490
55P6USRs 1,10,390
55P3FSRs 1,14,990
65P2USRs 2,05,790

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TCL is offering 4K HDR TV sets in a a very affordable price. These UHD panels are very good for the price being. The FHD panels are good as they should be also on top the models feature many integrated features. Some models also have Roku which is fantastic for enjoying online content.

Home Theater series, 4K HDR 10 and Smart series products are their top line materials. If you are in the market for good Televisions at a reasonable price, we suggest you to go have a look at TCL’s products. Customers can visit CG showrooms and see these for themselves.

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