Anker Power bank portfolio in Nepal
Anker Power bank portfolio in Nepal

We depend heavily on our smartphones and gadgets for our work. Their internal battery isn’t sufficient so we need to charge them. Direct wall power isn’t always an option or available. There are a lot of power banks in market and most of them are weak, useless and duplicate. To supply the market and serve the people with original power banks Anker has come up with their products. Check out on the new gizmos in official Price list of Original Anker Power banks in Nepal.

Load shedding has made our digital life and mobiles suffer too. The electricity supply is very less, so is our charge time but our need is very high. Even if we go out of home, in a tour, visit or work outside we depend heavily on our smartphones and gadgets. Pashupati Trade Link is bringing these juice packs to Nepali market.

The trade group announced the products during OnePlus 3 media launch in Kathmandu. It is really good to see that the company is giving 18 months warranty on the power banks. Many people complain about their power banks about not giving good backup. This is due to weak internal backup battery and electronic circuit. The market is filled with duplicate low quality power banks.

It is waste of money to buy those and also harmful for the mobile phones as well. Those weak and low grade power banks can cause device failure and overheat due to unregulated voltage supply and other problems. This is the list, price and details of all the Anker power banks available in Nepal.

Power Core+ Mini Rs 1800
Anker Estro E1 Rs 2600
Anker Powercore Rs 3800
Anker Powercore + Rs 4200
  1. Anker Power Core+ Mini: It is labelled as “Lipstick sized charger” by the company. It is made up of cylindrical aluminum body and Panasonic cells. The Mini weighs about 3 oz  and packs a 3350 mAh battery. Core+ can provide about a full charge to a Galaxy S6 or and iPhone 6.
  2. Anker Estro E1: This device is tagged at “Candy-bar sized bank“. It holds a 5200 mAh battery with high speed charging technology. It is powerful enough to charge iPad Mini also.
  3. Anker Powercore:  It is a big power bank with 10400 mAh battery which grantees to power almost all your smartphones. Smart features like Voltage boost and Power IQ helps to charge devices faster at a high current of 3 Ampere. The powercore has 2 ports for output.
  4. Anker Powercore + : The plus version is 10050 mAh in current rating. It has many special features like Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, Power IQ and Voltage boost. This power bank throws output as required. It can serve at 5 Volts at 2.4 Ampere, 9 Volts at 2 Amps and 12 Volts at 1.5 Amps. It can charge up to 4 mobile phones and it has only 1 USB port.

    Original Anker power banks price
    Original Anker power banks price

Roll Up

The voltage and current difference is due to the balancing issue. Power or watt is product of voltage and current so different combination is offered for different devices. If you are planning to buy a power bank then only buy original regardless of the cost. Choosing the cheap and duplicate is two way loss. It stops working soon and also destroys the phone.

If there is no problem with the size of power bank then definitely chose the biggest because it is always better to have sufficient power. All the original Anker power banks have good rating and review from users. They are available at Kaymu and Oliz Store. We also loved the devices. They are heavy, compact, powerful and filled with features.



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