Tiertime 3D Printers in Nepal
Tiertime 3D Printers in Nepal

3D Printers are now becoming cheaper and more affordable. They have huge applications and uses in almost every field. The field of application is growing day by day. So is the demand of 3D Printers. Few years back only few institutions in Nepal had such technology. Now, Zener Technologies is officially distributing Tieritme 3D Printers in Nepal. They are one of the pioneering sellers in market. This is the official price list of the Tiertime 3D Printers in Nepal.

3D Printing is in use at many fields like medicine, bio-printing, art and model market, computer, crafts, engineering and a lot more. The applications are vast and useful. They are currently changing scenario in goods manufacturing and medicine. Medical experts are now printing tissues out of cultured cells.

Designers, engineers and manufacturers are easily making complicated parts easily at cheaper price. This technology is absolutely changing our lives by simplifying manufacturing. People can now make or build things very easily at comfort and less investment. There are different types of 3D Printers according to application, size and materials they use.

Official Price of Tiertime 3D Printers in Nepal are as follows. As promotion, we are providing 5% discount coupons on purchase from Zener Technologies. Please email us for getting the Coupon Codes or use the code: DELTA-3D-PRINT

3D Printer Price
UP Mini 2 Rs 99,749
UP Plus 2 Rs 1,36,499
UP Box+ Rs 2,09,999


There are two filaments available for purchase as well. Both filaments cost Rs 4422 per piece. All these are VAT Included price and we will be offering 5% discount as promotion of this technology. The company is giving 1 year warranty on the products as they are also official service providers.


Services plus Training Offers

Zener Technologies is providing great service offer with purchase of each 3D Printers. They are offering 1 year warranty, free online support and installation with one time free on-site maintenance. Next they also have training packages at Rs 8,000 and Rs 20,000

Trainees will get certificate, training, presentation and workshop. The expensive program is for 3 days with in depth training while cheaper one is for only 1 days. This growing field is scattering its branches all over each faculty. We are seeing a boom in the industry due to popularization of 3D printers. Thus we wish to see more advancements and prosperity with help of these inventions.


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