Content Monetization

Content is the most important thing of a website and media. It is the currency of a site. It is what creates value and for good value it must have profit for both readers and publishers. Content is monetized in many ways to get the value of hard work.Publishers work hard on creating content and many networks and media have paid writers for these jobs. Companies and websites use advertisement as their main revenue source. There are many Ad Networks that help to monetize your online contents like articles, texts, apps, videos etc.

In this article I will be discussing about two major Ad types. The first is the most famous direct advertising and second is a new intelligent way that is indirect advertisement

1) Active Advertisement

Active Advertisement is old, traditional or conventional advertisement method where banners are used in websites for advertisement. There are Display ads, contextual ads and they shows relevant ads according to content and users browsing behavior. It has a very good target algorithm but slowly it is fading away.

The ads can’t be always placed in places that get most clicked and many users try to avoid them by using AdBlock. This actually really hurts the advertiser, publisher and creator ecosystem.

Google Adsense Logo
Google Adsense Logo

Many companies are master in this advertisement field. For Example Google AdSense is the leader in ad industry with Google DFP for articles, apps and YouTube video monetization. There are other ad networks that are in this business as well.


The content creators are shifting the wave to a new dimension which is passive advertisement.

2) Passive Advertisement

Passive advertisement is smart way to monetize the contents. These advertisements are actually special contents created with goal of commercialization.

Publishers create a large number of contents and to monetize them we need ads but as people avoid ads the passive ads influences people to the product.

Amazon Affiliates
Amazon Affiliates

To explain it simply, lets say passive ads are content where the publishers write about products and focus on pros so that the consumers could be influenced and would eventually buy the product. This  become a valuable conversion and hence completes the goal.

Many people do this by affiliate marketing by creating articles with list of products but premium publishers have great ways to lure their consumers. While reading the article users wouldn’t know that if they are viewing an ad because they have engaging contents. So the users would like the products and buy them thus creating a successful goal.

Advertising Partners:

For both type of advertisement practice you will need partners and you can choose of any type. You can select from large media partners like Google, or BuySellAds, Amazon or you can directly reach a potential advertiser and talk with them to negotiate the price and campaign they want.



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