Oppo F5 vs Huawei Nova 2i: Mid Range Camera Phones Battle

Huawei Nova 2i vs Oppo F5 Comparison

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are slowly taking good amount of global mobile market share. Oppo and Huawei are one of the global leaders. They both launched two camera centered phones in November 2017. Oppo F5 and Huawei Nova 2i are their mid range offerings. These are heavily focused on camera and specially selfie. So lets compare and see what we get and what are the differences.

Oppo is number one seller in China and Huawei is in top 5 globally. They both have good user base. Huawei is actually a pioneer in telecom hardware, so they have a huge R&D. For the first time, both companies took huge step of improvement. The approaches are actually  very different.

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Huawei Nova 2i bearing 4 camera in total. There are 2 at back and 2 at front. Oppo F5 only has two cameras in total just like usual. But Oppo has benefit from new software or AI integration which improves camera. They are new mid range phones with many new things from 2017. This includes new 18:9 aspect ratio and much more.

For simple comparison, lets start by comparing the hardware specs of Nova 2i and F5.

Huawei Nova 2i Oppo F5
5.9” 1080p IPS LCD Screen 6” 1080p IPS LCD
HiSilicon Kirin 659 Chipset Mediatek Helio P23 Chipset
(2.36 QC+1.7 QC) GHz Octa-core processor 2.5 GHz octa core processor
64 GB Storage 32/64 GB Storage
16, 2 MP Main Camera Set 16 MP f/1.8 Back Camera
13 f/2.0, 2 MP Front Camera Set 20 MP f/2.0 Front Camera
3340 mAh battery 3200 mAh battery



Both of these phones have new taller aspect ratio which reduces bezel and makes phone look better. A lot of emphasis is seen in camera instead of processing power. These phones have high pixel count on front camera but Oppo has bigger count. It can capture higher details with beauty mode and more effects.

Huawei has better back camera with dual lens set. It helps to get better Bokeh effect. Users can adjust depth level after taking photos as well. They also have two camera in front giving more depth of field for selfies and front facing videos. Actually Huawei has better optics hardware in this situation.

In terms of screen, Oppo F5 is providing better screen real estate. It also offers two variants of memory and storage. 3 GB/ 32 GB edition and 4 GB/ 64 GB variant which is great looking at choice. Oppo may have big screen but Nova 2i boasts bigger battery which makes it worthy for longer run. Huawei is packing its own HiSilicon chipset while Oppo is using Mediatek SOC.

Features and Analysis

Both phones have lots of sensors including fingerprint scanner at back, compass, barometer. Nova 2i comes with Gyroscope which makes it a bit better compared to F5. As for multitasking, both phones have 4 GB RAM which is enough for demand multitasks. In case of processor, both are average on performance. A Snapdragon 625 would have been fantastic for both phones.


These days Chinese manufacturers are obsessing on  Selfie. Also for the fact, major thing or back camera are still not competent as of other tech giants. In our view, only a select demographics is crazy on selfie while rest demand better processing, experience and back camera. These phones can only record videos at 1080p 30 fps max so they are not that good camera performer. They do take fantastic photos with high details but videography is where they still lack behind.

Hands down, these phones have very good design though. Still enthusiasts like Pure Android instead of overlay UI. This is why we prefer Xiaomi Mi A1 because it has better camera with 4K support, smooth experience and top class software. Overall, Oppo F5 and Huawei Nova 2i are good phones and have pretty nice camera. Still if you really want best value for your money, you should get Xiaomi Mi A1 at similar price bracket.

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