OTTO Chekr price in Nepal, includes Glucose meter, pedometer

Otto Chekr Price in Nepal

Jaima Intercontinental launched the new OTTO Chekr in Nepal. This is not an ordinary feature phone. It is really special phone because it has special hardware support for health assistance. OTTO Chekr is a feature phone with Glucose Meter and Pedometer. It’s current price in Nepal is Rs 3,496.

Currently, this is one of the most interesting phones in market. OTTO is company of Singapore. It’s official distributor ad partner in Nepal is JIPL. JIPL is also official distributor of Coolpad smartphones in Nepal. OTTO Chekr is one of the new interesting product which shows very good hopes for future.

First, this device is also a mobile phone. It just has few extra hardware and  support to special hardware. There are lots of feature phones in the market at similar price. All they offer is calling, messaging and normal function. But Otto is giving something extra to its target users.


In this tech healthy age but life unhealthy era, people have several diseases. Diabetes is one of the biggest threat these days. According to doctors, hypertension and diabetes are biggest killers of this age. All this is due to unhealthy life style and food adulteration.

Patients need to check their sugar level regularly. Going to hospital, clinic from time to home can be tiring and expensive. Sometimes it can be very hard for patients to go to health posts or hospitals due to location and other problems too.

OTTO Chekr is one good solution for this. It can measure blood sugar in different states like before meal and after meal. It comes with detailed booklet which shows the process to measure and standard ranges for determining the result.

How to measure Blood sugar?


Users need Glucose meter kit which is specially designed by Bioland Technology Ltd. It is certified by FDA of USA. This certificate assures quality and truthiness of the results. The company also took permission from authorities of Nepal. There are three thing inside the Glucose kit. They are Lancets, Glucose test strips and lancing device.

Each test requires new test strip. One one can use a strip only once, so it is use and throw. While buying company offers 5 strips initially. Other strips can be bought in local market at cost of Rs 1000 for 50 strips.

Users need to pierce their finger with lancet device, then place the blood on stripe. The stripe should be connected to the phone first and blood sugar testing should be selected. Phone will show the result shortly after placing blood on it. It can also record the test results inside for future reference.

Other Special features

Otto Chekr also features Pedometer which measures steps taken by mobile carrier. There is special K-Power Amplifier for better sound as well. One thing we like is wireless FM. The phone shows results in 5-10% margin of error within FDA’s calibration criteria. Chekr is powered by 1500 mAh battery and also has good keypad buttons.


This is very interesting as well as productive product in our view. There are about 100 retailers in Kathmandu for purchase. Otto is selling Chekr online on Kaymu as well. If you have any question you can check at their website or call at toll free number 1600112119.

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