Panasonic Eluga Z vs P55 Novo+: Price, Specs Comparison

Panasonic Eluga Z vs P55 Novo Plus

Recently the famous Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic launched its new budget smartphones in Nepal. This includes new Panasonic Eluga Z, Panasonic P55 Novo and Novo+. These three phones have about the same specifications and little difference in the pricing. As there are differences in the cost and specs, it should be clear to our readers. So before purchasing there are something that you need to know. It is good to know the differences between them before making an investment in your next smartphone.

The new Panasonic Eluga Z is a new installment in the Eluga series. Similarly, P55 Novo and Novo+ are upgraded successors of P55 mobile phones. The Eluga Z and Novo Plus are very close so we want to show differences and common things between them. We will start by comparing the specification of phones one by one. After that, we will tell which one is good and why.

The most important thing to notice in these phones is that they all have 8 core processors. This gives them a good step above other smartphones in the market. Quad core is common these days but getting octa-core is a really good thing. We are not comparing the normal P55 Novo because it has just 1 GB RAM while the plus version has 2 GB RAM and gives a better challenge.

Panasonic Eluga Z vs P55 Novo+ Specs Comparison

These are the hardware specifications of both phones.

Eluga ZNovo Plus
1.4 GHz Octacore Processor1.4 GHz Octacore Processor
16 GB Internal storage16 GB On-board storage
32 GB micro SD card support32 GB external SD card support
5″ 720p AMOLED Screen5.3″ 720p IPS LCD Screen
2050 mAh battery2500 mAh battery
13 MP Back Side Camera13 MP Back Side Camera
5 MP Front Camera5 MP Front Camera
NRs: 22,790 ($210)NRs: 18,390 (180)

The competition is very tough here because both smartphones have same specs and features. But looking at the details, we find some major differences. The screen size of P55 Novo+ is actually 0.3” larger than the Eluga Z with same screen resolution. Some people might like a bigger screen so there is a benefit in that part. Another major point to notice is the display technology. This plays a major difference in quality.

Panasonic Eluga Z price in Nepal
Panasonic Eluga Z price in Nepal

The Eluga Z has AMOLED screen where has the P55 is providing HD IPS panel. AMOLED is a better display tech because it gives deep blacks, crisp images with vibrant colors. In terms of battery, Novo+ wins with its 2500 mAh battery. which is 450 mAh bigger than the Eluga. The price of Panasonic Eluga Z in Nepal is Rs 22,790 which makes it expensive than its competitor even though having really similar specs.



Both of the phones are dual SIM phones and support 3G but no 4G or LTE. Their hardware is same and the differences are very less. There are more similarities actually. The major difference is battery size and display.

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Since these two phones are the latest models, they will be getting Lollipop upgrade. It is officially sure that the Panasonic Elua Z is upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. This provides the phone with good power management, improved features, function, and great user experience.

Now, for purchase advise, we would like to state that these phones are very much the same. So the decision should be based upon budget and priorities. If you want a better-looking screen then go with Eluga Z. But, if you want to save money and still get a bigger display and battery than get P55 Novo+. It is very simple because the performance in both of these mobiles is almost the same.


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