Pay Demat and MeroShare Fees using Khalti

Pay Demat and MeroShare fees using Khalti

Khalti is a very popular online wallet in Nepal. They have a very good reputation and they also got a license of payment service provider from NRB. Now they are enabling a new feature that allows users to pay directly for Demat and MeroShare renewal fees. Usually, users need to go to the office of their capital or depository participant (DP). Khalti requires users to enter some necessary information and they can pay in realtime using their wallet.

Khalti has now placed a special section named “Share” in their platform. This is now available in their websites and mobile app. Inside the share section, there are selected capitals. Users can choose from them and pay for the renewal charges. There is no extra cost for this service. They are charging the standard rate that the capitals take. So users can now pay their fees from home without going to their capital’s office.

Every demat account holder needs to pay a yearly fee for demat account and mero share account. MeroShare account is an online website by CDSC that helps users to see their account, shares, portfolio and also buy new shares. The renewal charges are standard and they cost about Rs 150 in total. The renewal is base upon the fiscal year and not the opening of the account. These kind of services are great and such value addition makes platforms like Khalti better. They are already in a higher position in the race of best digital wallets in Nepal.

How to pay Demat and Meroshare fees using Khalti

In order to pay a fee for these accounts, users need to have a Kahlti account and have money in it. The annual demat account renewal charge is Rs 100 and for Meroshare it is Rs 50. So users need to have at least Rs 150 in Khalti.

  1. Login to your Khalti account using mobile app or website.
  2. Go to the section named “Share”.
  3. Select your DP or merchant. For example: Nabil Invest, Prabhu Capital, etc.
  4. Then select what you want to pay for. There are two options. Choose Meroshare or Demat. You can pay for both but only one at a time.
  5. Fill in the important information such as Client ID, Full Name and Mobile number.
  6. Select the duration of renewal.
  7. Choose your payment option like wallet, eBanking or mobile banking.
  8. Finally, click on pay.

Users can pay for both Demat and MeroShare fees through the “Share” section. Be very careful while filling the information such as Client ID, name and phone number. DP ID is already selected at first when we select the merchant. Currently, there are few merchants in their list. At the time of publishing this, we can only find 6 merchants. According to the company PR, they are expanding the list soon. Khalti is constantly making new partnerships with banks and capital merchants for this.

They are also working with other service providers to make their platform bigger and stronger. Users need a website or mobile wallet that has everything. There is a huge competition in Nepal and everyone wants to be the best. We have been using Khalti since it started and we like their service. They have a good platform and helpful customer service.

What is a dematerialized account?

The word Demat stands for dematerialized account. In this, all the securities or shares are stored in a digital or online form. In the past, brokers used to help people buy IPO and FPO. People used to have physical proof of ownership certificates. Now everything is digital and the records are centralized. This service is provided now by capital merchants or DP (Depository Participant). People need to pay a yearly fee to the DP for their service. The capitals manage IPO application, bonus, and payments. Capitals have their own mobile apps and website but MeroShare is the centralized website of CDSC.

CDS and Clearing Limited looks after all the transactions of securities. Every Demat account holder can have this. Usually, people need to apply IPO from the mero share account online. Users connect their bank account online and it helps them to apply for newly issued securities and also gain bonus easily. The Mero Share website also gives updates on the current portfolio, the value of all held securities and shows new issues with application report.

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