Positive effect of action video games on human brain
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I started playing video games since I was a small child. I have always heard from elders that games will make us dull and violent. But newer studies have now shown that they actually have a positive effect on us. Shooting and action games are one of the best according to those studies. Games which need fast decision making can make your mind more active. It also increases the capacity to take fast decisions. Thus scientists are talking about the positive effect of action video games on the human brain.

Military in some countries are recruiting gamers because they have finer handling skills. They can control small joysticks and other controllers with care and precision. Some scientists say that the action game players have good motor skills. They also said that they found zero links in video game violence and real life. It is obvious that our world was a lot of violent before video games were invented.

A study conducted by the University of Geneva states that action games improve cognitive abilities. Scientists studied 15 years of data and reports to find the impacts. The study was conducted with people who played rapid action games and people who play simple games like Tetris. They were subjected to many patterns and situations. The result showed that the people who play action games have good cognitive abilities. They also give decisions very fast than other people who play simple games.

Play, Enjoy and Improve

Playing high-speed action games have positive effects on the brain. The brain of gamers are exercised to confront do or die situation like war. They need to make a correct decision quick so they develop fast decision-making skills. It helps them to think about what is coming next. Gamers also detect things faster and with care. They can give good attention to the surrounding and analyze movements.

Grounded Xbox Meme
Grounded Xbox Meme

Knowing which guy to shoot at the correct time. Going to the correct position without getting hurt, calculating the reload interval to get cover and being safe are some common skills. Driving very fast and taking smooth turns without getting hit are some example of rapid action games as well. Strategy games are also very good for the mind.


Scientists said that cognitive function were better on the people who play high-speed action games. They also have good decision making skill compared to people who played slow moving games. Action games also improve the learning ability of students. We are not saying that controlled and slow pace games are bad. They are good for entertainment and time pass. However, competitive games can be a bit better.

Gaming in Limit and Health

There is no doubt that higher screen time is bad. Many people might game in binge session which can be harmful. We should be careful about our eyes, posture, and health during gaming sessions. Some people also tend to be violent during game sessions when they lose. People should learn to control their rage in such conditions. We highly suggest people improve sitting posture because they can cause huge issues in the future. It is good to play games for a few hours a week for entertainment purpose.

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Instead of pushing children away from gaming, parents should keep an eye on them. They can monitor their play and activities to ensure they are learning and enjoying. These days people are more into online gaming. They can be enjoyable and addictive as well. So we all should be very careful about all the things we do and keep our health as the first priority.



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