Power bank free with the flagship Colors K3 smartphone

Colors K3 Power Bank Offer

Colors flagship mobile of 2016 or K3 is really good smartphone in budget price range of Rs 20995. It is aquad core phone with battery of just 2350 mAh. To bolster the power so that you can run more, company is providing a free power bank of their own with each purchase. Company will be providing a 10000 mAh Colors Power Plus power bank to buyers.

We reviewed the Colors Pearl Black K3 earlier this year and found it is a cool phone. The aesthetics of the mobile is beautiful due to the form factor and the glass covering. K3 provides perfect balance of hardware and software. Quad core processor, 13 MP camera, protective dual side glass covering are some great features of the phone.

It has 3 GB of  RAM, 32 GB internal storage and also provides support to external storage. With such power, storage the demand of your media consumption can increase. Then the internal battery will eventually be less for you. Even if you do heavy games, go to a trek, hike or tour the humongous 10K mAh power bank can refill your phone everywhere.

Colors Peral Black K3
Colors Peral Black K3

The Colors K3 is running Android Lollipop which already has great software to save battery but we know that more doesn’t means enough. The power bank will cover you and it is a good deal because banks are usually expensive. Finding an original product is also hard but Colors removes all those hassles by providing free solution.

The Power+ is their official genuine product so you get good quality accessory. This product has actually dual USB output ports for charging. Both are rates 5 Volts but one is 1 Amp while other is of double ampere rating. For safety there are features such as Over voltage, temperature and current controller. The Power+ might be available for separate purchase in future.

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