Samsung Galaxy A3 Hands-On: Impressions, Features

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Samsung Nepal announced new Galaxy A Series just a few days ago. Galaxy A3 is the most affordable phone of the series. It is also the smallest one in the whole lineup. A series is a new innovative and beautiful lineup from Samsung. All phones are made from Aluminium and they are very sturdy. The A3 is very thin just 6.9 mm thickness. The device is provided with great premium body finish and good internal hardware. We have tested this phone for some time and this is our Samsung Galaxy A3 hands-on first impressions.

Detailed Specifications: Galaxy A3 comes with a 4.5″ Super AMOLED screen. Its resolution is 540×960 and it is called qHD. It should not be confused with QHD. Both are vastly different resolutions. Inside there is  Snapdragon 410 chip with 1.2 GHz 4 core processor. There are two models with 1 and 1.5 GB RAM. The internal storage is just 16 GB but it supports 64 GB micro SD card. The battery is only 1900 mAh which is the compromise for the slimness.

It also has Hybrid Dual SIM so Dual SIM and Card is not possible all at once. 16 GB is enough for many people so we believe people can use two SIM at once. The back camera is 8 Megapixel at f/2.4 and it can take pictures at 3264 x 2448. The front side selfie camera is 5 MP with f/2.2 aperture. Cameras of both sides can record 1080p FHD videos. The A3 comes with Android 4.4.4 KitKat from the company. Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update for A3 has been released and is available for update.

Hardware, Software, and Features

Samsung also manufactures LTE model with NFC. But it doesn’t come to Nepal as there is no 4G yet. Galaxy A3 has a compass sensor which is good and useful in many cases. The camera software has fancy features such as Wide Selfie, Rear Cam Selfie, etc. There is also the most lived Power saving mode and Private Mod. The Ultra power saving mode turns the screen to grayscale and saves battery by only allowing some apps to work.

There is a new feature in the UI now. This allows users to choose from a few themes. There are few already installed which include Classic, Natural, Casual and Romantic Modes. Users cannot install third-party themes or download from any theme store. They can definitely use themes and launchers from the Google Play Store. The screen is protected with Corning Glass 4 so the screen is well protected.

People in countries where LTE model is available can enjoy 1.5 GB RAM. While people in countries with the 3G model can only get 1 GB version. This isn’t much of an upgrade from other budget phones. We would have loved 1.5 GB RAM as base or minimum everywhere. Sure we get very high-quality design and material but for the price, the specs don’t add up


Verdict and Impression

Galaxy A3 is the entry model of the basic phone of A series. It comes with all the important thing this series stands for. It has a very solid Aluminium chassis, vibrant screen, and a good camera. With the metallic premium finish, this mobile is one of the slimmest from Samsung. The weight is also only 110 gm. However, it can’t deliver the performance many might expect for the price. The price of the Samsung Galaxy A3 in Nepal is Rs 31500 ($300). Galaxy E5 is cheaper and provides a better camera, a big screen, and a bigger battery at a lower price actually.

So it is the choice of the customer to make. Whether they want a premium felling small compact device or slightly bigger phone that has more power. In our view, the Galaxy A5 2015 is the best phone in series with everything balanced very well. All smartphones in this lineup are very slim but Galaxy A8 won the title of Samsung’s slimmest phone in 2015. In summary, our first impression says that Galaxy A3 has potential. It is a very attractive and pretty solid phone. The smaller size and boxier form factor make it very attractive.

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