Samsung Galaxy Mid Range Phone Price in Nepal
Samsung Galaxy Mid Range Phone Price in Nepal

The biggest section of Nepali market is budget and as the price goes up the customer are filtered. There is a substantial group of people who love and use mid range smartphones because with a reasonable price many phones give almost high end specs that is satisfying. Our goal is to provide information and this is our list of Price of Mid range Samsung mobile phones in Nepal.

The budget range phones runs good with all minimum and necessary things but mid range has the specs that is required by the time. Since past few years Nepali and Indian market is liking mid range phones like Galaxy A series, E series and some what J series as well. J series is at border of budget to high due to its wide range of product pricing.

Lets start with the king of mid range phones that is Galaxy A series. This family became famous last year for its form factor, premium metal uni-body design and hardware. This time the company has renewed the series with much better specs, build, design and software. The price of mid range Samsung smartphones in Nepal is as follows:

Galaxy A8+ Rs 59,990
Galaxy C9 Pro Rs 45,990
Galaxy A6+ Rs 44,390
Galaxy A6 Rs 39,890
C7 Pro Rs 35,900
A7 2017 Rs 38,490
A7 2016 Rs 28,900
A5 2016 Rs 22,990



Galaxy A8

With such price tag and specs it should have been on thee Samsung high end mobile list but we put this here due to the family it belongs. The company intended it to be in mid range zone. The A8 is actually 2015 or first gen mobile of A league but it contains serious power which is different than other members. It was first phone of A series to have finger print reader. It is 5.7” full HD phone with octa core processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory. It has 16 MP front and 5 MP back camera. The battery is only 3050 mAh which is rather small for this.

Galaxy A7 (2016) / Galaxy A7 (2015)

This is a 5.5 screened phone with octa-core processor, 3 GB of RAM, , 16 GB internal memory and true dual SIM support with and SD card slot too. The battery is 3300 mAh for new and 2600 mAh for predecessor. Both phone has company’s own exynos octa core processor.

Galaxy A5 (2016) / Galaxy A5 (2015)

It is the best mid range phone with appropriate screen size, power and pricing. It has perfect 5” SAMOLED screen for 1st gen and 5.2” for 2nd gen. The processor is now 1.6 GhZ octa-core from previous 1.2 GhZ quad core. Main changes are battery size, that is from 2300 mAh to 2900 mAh and GPU.

Galaxy A3 (2016) / Galaxy A3 (2015)

The Galaxy A3 is for people who like medium sized phone. With 4.7 inch SAMOLED HD screen in succesor and 4.5” 540p display in predecessor, entertainment and working is totally satisfying. The new A3 216 isn’t available in Nepal. Both phone has quad core processor, 1.5 GB RAM and 16 GB storage.


Each series has its own specialty. C series phones are near to flagship phones with great specs. A series are meant to have flagship features in budget range. According to Samsung, the A series is going to improve with each generation.

All the above phones are good with individual attraction. Some have good screen, some have bigger battery. Buy the phone which suits your need and which fits your budget.

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